FS : Thundercats LJN-style Lunataks Alluro by Barbarossa Art

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  1. adssse

    adssse Thunderian Legend

    Alluro looks awesome. If only I had that kind of money to spend...

    I am eagerly awaiting the upcoming pictures of Chilla and Tug Mug!
  2. Lulu-Berlu Reg

    Lulu-Berlu Reg Junior Member

    I've just opened a new tread for Tug Mug!:)

    MXTHUNDERCAT Laser Beast


    why is the price so high, how did u come up with that price?? not even some of the finest and highest quality adult collector figures being produced currently run any where near you price point....
  4. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I agree with MXTHUNDERCAT. As much as I love the idea of characters from the cartoon being made in the same style and scale as the vintage LJN toyline (I would also love some company to do the same for Bravestarr) the price point does seem very high.
  5. adssse

    adssse Thunderian Legend

    This line of figures really look great. Unfortunately as others have touched on, there is no way I could afford to purchase these though. Have you ever considered a contest/giveaway for some lucky fan?
  6. eternian phoeni

    eternian phoeni Moleman

    I agree with everyone else so far. These look amazing, I'd love to buy both but they cost is extremely high for customs even if they are fully sculpted. Best of luck to you though! (Goes to buy lottery ticket)
  7. Sebastiaan

    Sebastiaan Moderator TC.org Staff

    This is the best custom I've ever seen!!! I will certainly be buying these one of these days. They are a bit steep in price, but I'm sure its worth it. Truly magnificent work!!!!!:thumbsup: The best Alluro I've ever seen and if I didn't know, I'd have thought it to be the original. Which it now is seeing as there ain't any out there!!!
  8. AutobotC5

    AutobotC5 Junior Member

    So, I ordered one of these, and it arrived last week.

    Overall, a good job, folks. Considering the alternative (no Alluro at all), what you have brought to market is a great thing. A few notes/questions though...

    The final appearance of the figure was a little rougher than expected (compared to the figure you have shown in stock photographs). However, I’m not familiar with your finishing processes, so it’s unclear to me as to why some things were painted when it seems they didn’t need to be, or why some finishes on one part of the figure differ greatly from the finish on the adjoining part. For instance, why were the arms painted, when they were already molded in his skin color? Was it to better match the torso paint color? The arm paint is already cracked/flaked from having to flex the right hand to insert his hypno-mace. That’s not too serious a problem since the similar arm color is underneath, but it's a bit of a tough thing to swallow on an item of this price.

    Again, don’t get me wrong...I really like the figure, am happy to have an Aluro that fits in with my other Thundercats figures, and hope that you are able to continue with more characters. I also understand that these are low-run products detailed without complex paint masks. But, higher/continuing sales may be difficult for you to generate at the current price point with this level of final product quality.
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  9. Lulu-Berlu Reg

    Lulu-Berlu Reg Junior Member

    Dear Fellow Thundercats Fanatic,

    First off, my utmost thanks to you for choosing to include my figures in your collection and for the kind compliments as well. I also would like to say I appreciate your cogent and thoughtful feedback with respect to some of the technical aspects of Alluro and Tug Mug and would like to take some time to offer a thorough response:

    Alluro, being the first full figure to be produced, did of course pose several unique challenges. Among them was in discerning the best method of achieving as authentic a take on the LJN aesthetic as possible. Your observations regarding some of the choices in paint application resonate some of those which I, in hindsight, also share. The initial thinking was to harken back to the LJN figures which featured typically just arms, legs, head and torso as the cast-parts and to leave the rest to painting.

    However, factory-paint jobs with their noxious ****tails are really what are required to best execute such a method and thus, far more so with Tug Mug and infinitely more so with Chilla, I have opted for the method I use on my custom Neo-Vintage MOTU figures wherein I limit paint to only the details whenever and wherever possible. I think it's a worthwhile concession to wind up with a sturdier and more robust end-product.

    As these are wholly made by hand, each one is essentially equivalent to something like a properly-colored test-shot in a normal production scenario. As I want my figures to have a considerable degree of, "playability", however, I'm always striving to find ways to shore-up the design. And to that end, Chilla has been tooled so that the only parts which feature paint are her hair, shoulder fur and details on the chest. Her arms and gloves are cast separately as are her legs and boots (the gloves and boots being cast in pure white plastic, as is the torso). The head and arms are cast in her "flesh tone" blue and her legs cast in the deep blue of her tights. Her "moon blades" are cast in orange and icy blue respectively. I say with confidence, she is the most robust to date.

    As for Tug Mug, the choice to paint his lower half was a matter of last-minute logistics due to the massive mold it took to produce the tooling/sculpt casting as well as then the final production mold. So the body wound up as a solid piece. I was ultimately comfortable with this however since the apron's paint and sealant proved very durable in tests and I liked the look of it, so it stayed. Another consideration for this was also a last-minute upgrade I made to the "feet" - which required additional molding and tooling but I felt were far superior and more in line with the character's source material than my original prototype's; so I just, "had" to do it! A slight bit of a trade-off but one I think was worth-while. The rivets were a mix of separate and cast-pieces also due to these molding logistics.

    Sorry to prattle on, but when I say, "thorough", I mean it! (With luck, I haven't overlooked anything!) Further, I take very seriously the thoughtful commentary of those who support my efforts. I think you'll be continually impressed with these figures and I thank you again for your generous support!

    Thundercats, HO!

    -Barbarossa of Barbarossa Art customs

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