Have Jaga want Mumm-Ra's tomb

Discussion in 'ThunderCats Marketplace' started by madmartigan37, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. madmartigan37

    madmartigan37 New Member

    Ok so my thundercats shipment came in today and my collection is well on its way, I have a jaga figure that is complete, it has a few very small marks but looks very good, I will send pictures if requested. I would like to trade this for a Mumm-Ra's Tomb playset, it does not need the figure, only the playset. I also have the following for trade

    3 beserkers (hammerhand, Crusher, top spinner) complete
    Hachiman complete
    Tuska Warrior complete

    I am looking for the following
    Tigra complete
    Cheetara complete
    drop me a email at madmartigan37@yahoo.com if you can help me out.
  2. PhoenixofThundera

    PhoenixofThundera New Member

    Mumm-ra's Tomb

    Hey there. I wanted to offer my Mumm-ra's tomb for you're complete Jaga. Its in pretty good condition and complete. The only catch is that I probably won't be able to send it until after christmas when I get back home. Let me know if you're interested!

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