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    So, I know this series concluded a while ago and I apologize if there is another thread discussing it at length. I just wanted to share my thoughts on this book and see what other Thundercats fans felt about it.

    Personally, I liked Freddie Williams' artwork. That is the highpoint for me when it comes to this book. I feel he did a nice job with the characters and the storytelling. Artwork As for the writing, I felt there was too much violence and inappropriate (also, simply not funny) humor and this did not fit either the He-man or Thundercats universes nor the bringing together of the two. I know this kind of "mature" edge is added to a lot of modern comics based on these nostalgic franchises in an attempt to appear to be more adult and make the "thirty-somethings" (myself included) buying these books feel like they are not necessarily reading something intended for children. However, for me, violence and crude humor do not automatically make a book more "adult". In fact, when it comes to He-man and Thundercats, that kind of thing takes me right out of the experience. I'm all for these characters being written intelligently and more palatably for older readers but their essential character must be maintained. The heroes must be truly moral and heroic, the villains can be dastardly and dangerous but not crude, obscene and dumb.

    Both He-man and Thundercats hold hallowed places in my heart and I'm very touchy about the way they are portrayed by other creative people outside of the original television series and 80s source material.

    That's just me, what do you guys think?

    PS I'd love to see more He-man/Thundercats comics someday written for all ages to enjoy and with exciting creators involved! Throw in some Silverhawks too! My dream creative team for a future He-man/Thundercats book: Chris Claremont or JMS writing it, Ed Mcguinness on art.
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    I read He-Man/ThunderCats online and now own it in paperback form. I agree with you about the storyline not being utilized to its fullest potential, plot-wise and character-wise. Still, my enjoyment of the crossover kept me glued immediately. And I like your dream team for a new He-Man/ThunderCats comic; that would certainly draw in plenty of readers if that dream team were for real.
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  3. Sword Breaker

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    I really enjoyed it, but I guess I know a lot more about MOTU mythology than the T-Cats. I loved the art, mainly because they stuck with the Classic character designs and didn't try to do a modern revamp of some sort. Skeletor and Mumm-Ra insulting each other was pure gold! I love the part with He-Man and Lion-O wandering around inside of Grayskull. I always imagined that on the inside, the castle is a zillion times bigger than on the outside....with gateways to other parts of Eternia, and portals to other dimensions and times.

    I'm really hoping there's another crossover someday. MOTU and Thundercats seem to fit together very well.
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  4. Mark M

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    I got the graphic novel today and overall I really enjoyed it.
  5. motogp_fanatic

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    One of the best DC crossovers in recent months.

    Just seeing the two franchise is enough and with a great story and art, I'm more than satisfied and hoped for more in the coming months too.

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  6. Coptur

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    do you think they'll do an actual sequel to this or do we have to accept the MOTU/Injustice as the sequel :-(
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  7. motogp_fanatic

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    Here's hoping both have sequel.

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  8. PKELL

    PKELL Barbarian

    This comic was kind of a dream come true as kid me always wanted that crossover. It never happened in the cartoons, and the toys made it rough since the LJN Thundercat figures were so much bigger than the Mattel Masters figures. A shame, because I liked mixing Masters, Playmates TMNT figures, and the Hasbro WWF figures for crossover wrestling cards, lol. Hulk Hogan Vs. He-Man, Undertaker Vs. Skeletor, The Ninja Turtles Vs. The Legion of Doom and Demolition, Randy Savage Vs. Trap Jaw, Ultimate Warrior Vs. Hordak, Bebop and Rocksteady Vs. The Twin Towers....I had way too much fun with this, lol.

    Anyways, a comic seemed like the best way to give us this crossover, and to finally get it was a joy, and the people that worked on this really did their homework. The two properties fit together perfectly.
  9. Alex Jones

    Alex Jones Crabman

    I'm late to this but I actually thought this comic was bang average. I liked the idea of it but I found it quite underwhelming. I liked the artwork but this story had been built up due to fans wanting to see this crossover for a long time. It was like a very average multi-part episode of Thundercats. If it had been an animated movie, it wouldn't be anywhere near 'Thundercats Ho!'. After reading it, it felt like an unnecessary crossover. There was nothing unique about mixing the two franchises in this case. People wanted it because they felt like the possibilities and prospect of it was exciting and I agree with that. I just don't think they made the most of it. Perhaps it needed to be longer. I'm not saying it's terrible. I just thought it was a very basic story. There was so much more source material that they could have worked with. I do understand that perhaps it could be difficult to make the most of mixing these two franchises for a one-off. If it had been an ongoing thing, there may have been potential for it to get better and expand a universe where MOTU and Thundercats crossover on a regular basis. I'm not saying that it's necessary but it presents opportunities and possibilities for interesting stories that would appeal to fans of both franchises. Personally, I would have liked to see a MOTU comic book series and a Thundercats comic book series where they are often separate but sometimes there is a crossover.
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