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    Over the pass few days I have been watching the OS, and I have been enjoying it. :D However, what I noticed is that some of the ideas used in the NS have conflicted with what the OS has established for the franchise. So I wanted your opinions to see if the following instances have went with or against the story.

    #1: "Song of the Petalars"
    In "The Unholy Alliance", there is a scene where Lion-O tries to hunt some animals with his Sword, but the Sword rejects his commands. Then Jaga appears and tells him the Sword will not wantonly commit evil. (Btw, if you so strong that you can throw a tree like a javelin, you probably do not need a sword to hunt.) Anyway, a possible conflict comes up in "Song of the Petalars", when the Cats are fighting the lizards in Briar Wood and Lion-O uses the Sword to slay Khamai. Since Lion-O was not in a situation where killing was his remaining option, does this scene conflict with what was exemplified in "The Unholy Alliance"?

    Also, if NS Lion-O was in a situation where: 1) the other Cats, or anybody else for that matter, would not able to help him, 2) he did not have the Spirit Stone to create a force field, and 3) the Eye in the Sword was not powerful enough to take whoever down, would it still break from the narrative if he used the Sword to kill as an absolute last resort?

    (Funny how OS Lion-O could use the Sword to help him for the first two stipulations in a spot like the one above.)

    #2: "Birth of the Blades"
    In this episode, we learn that the Sword and Gauntlet of Plun-Darr was forged by destroying a star and killing billions of lives. Later, we find out that the Sword and Gauntlet of Omens was made from the remnants of the same material. Here is the ironic thing about this: Mumm-Ra's weapon is deemed evil, but The Sword of Omens is deemed good. Now in the OS, it was established that the Sword was a weapon of righteousness, correct? So in the NS how can this be true when the substance used to make the Sword was obtained from an unrighteous act?

    I think somebody royally goofed on that one. :frown
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    Not sure about the 2nd one as I haven't watched the new series and I cant find it on any legit streaming services, but as for the scene in the original series that you reference, I don't think it was the fact that Lion-o wanted to go hunting that the sword took issue with, rather the creature he was wanting to hunt. I don't think the sword would let him kill anything that was not evil as doing so would be an evil act. If however the creature he had been going after had been evil I believe it would of allowed killing.

    That's my interpretation anyway.
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    In regards to the Sword of Omens creation, two factors do seem like they would and should come into play;

    1. While it is true that the sword was made from the very same metal acquired through an evil act as the Sword of Plun-Darr, while the latter was made for the exact purpose of doing evil deeds, the former was made with the precise intent of stopping its counterpart. Just saying

    2. When the SoP was made, the blacksmith responsible was imbued with the power of Ancient Spirits of Evil, which probably means that some of their darkness and evil magic likely went into the forging process of that weapon. However, when the SoO was first created, it was forged via the old fashioned way, with the hopes that some remnants of the metal's supposed magic being still there. Also, keep in mind that the sword was later imbued with a spell to keep it out of the hands of evil, which was done via external methods
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    I had forgotten about the Ancient Spirits of Evil might having some influence on the forging of the Sword of Plun-Darr.

    Before I was going to making that post, I was considering mentioning what Jaga said to Mumm-Ra in "Ancient Spirits of Evil" when it came to the Sword, but I held back on it. Thanks for saying that, anyway.
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    The NS and OS are two completely different things. The NS is a "re-imagining" of Thundercats. So apart form the names and abilities of some characters and items, there is no connection between the two. Hence it makes no sense to say that something in the NS "conflicts" something in the OS because they are not connected to each other in any way other than belonging to the same franchise.
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