Laser Sabers Ben-Gali now for sale on ebay

Discussion in 'ThunderCats Marketplace' started by Robimus_Prime, Jul 28, 2008.

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    In the interest of testing the market, I've posted my Laser Sabers Ben-Gali on Ebay for $3399 or best offer. Any serious inquiries on purchasing can contact me on here directly through private message. I recently bought a Lion-O with Snarf and Mumm-Ra with Ravage and the display fits perfectly to have my 3 Lion-O's (laser sabers, Thunderwings, and w/Snarf) plus 3 Mumm-Ra's (Laser Sabers, luna lasher, and w/Ravage) and once those arrive that will be my centerpiece making this Ben-Gali either having to go amongst the regular troops or find a new case for him all-together. If this Ben-Gali can sell for comparable amount to the last one I will let it go to someone that can make it a centerpiece of theirs. I'm automatically declining offers of less than $2000 on ebay so I'll tell you the same thing here. I don't need to sell this figure to eat and wouldn't mind keeping it but if someone really wants it I will let it go.

    This is a far-fetched scenario but I would also trade for a mint in box Tongue-A-Saurus (doesn't have to be sealed), an 8-back Panthro, 8 back Tygra w/ or without kat, 8 back Jackalman, and a mint in US box Sword of Omens because that would be absolutely everything I want in Thundercats toys. And yes you have to ship them to me first. :0)

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