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Discussion in 'ThunderCats Marketplace' started by boggs32, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. boggs32

    boggs32 Junior Member

    I have a remote control Thundertank. I have not seen them anywhere. I've been watching e-bay for quite some times and I lurked around these forums for a long time and have yet to see one in anyones collection. Anyone have one? I'm wondering what these are worth because I am considering getting rid of mine to help pay off some newly wed bills I have coming in. I'll post a pic asap.
  2. matt

    matt Thunderian Legend

    honestly the price on these varies. Ive seen them sell between 10 and 100 bucks. 100 is more than I would ever pay. I almost picked one up the other week for 20.

    Alot of the time sellers put a high starting bid on them as they think they are hard to find. They are fairly common. I always see them on ebay about once or twice a month. The hard thing is them being complete and working

    hope that helps. It will bring you in some cash if it sells but not a huge amount
  3. AlexofThundera

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  4. boggs32

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    yeah, I don't have the box, but that's also not the one I have. The one I have is quite a bit more original looking. Pic uploaded! let me know if this one is as common.


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  5. matt

    matt Thunderian Legend

    that one is not as common as the other one but still not rare. those pop up every couple of months
  6. boggs32

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