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    I recently was able to get a case of the Battle Damaged Thundercats. I ended up getting 2 sets of the figures in the case (minus a Jaga). So I have a set of the figures if anyone is interested. I am looking to sell the set of them instead of them individually. I am not looking to make money on them just break even. I know there are others here that were also not a fan of the blind box method so figured this way someone may be able to avoid doing that. The figures included are...
    Battle Damaged Lion-O
    Battle Damaged Mumm-Ra
    Battle Damaged Panthro
    Battle Damaged Cheetara
    Battle Damaged Tygra
    Mumm-Ra the Ancient (not the battle damaged version)

    All figures are complete and will come with the weapon still in the plastic. Will also come with the checklist card. Again, I am not looking to make money on any of the figures just looking to break even. Buyer would be responsible for shipping costs. Paypal only. I wanted to offer them here to members of the board before going to ebay with them. If anyone is interested send me a message.
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