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Discussion in 'Mattel ThunderCats Toys' started by thezaxfactor, Jul 21, 2016.

  1. Thunderpants

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    I don't know, if there's clear manufacturer error and the product is from a newish time frame, I'd think Matty would still replace it, as long as you had a receipt of some kind.
    There's a couple of things to point out here:
    • Despite the high price tag and accompanying expectations by the customer, toy manufacturers are not really set up to replace things based on stuff like paint splotches and flash on the seams. This is an adult collector problem, and despite setting up one corner of the business to fill that need, it's unlikely that they have a business model that supports that level of expectations all the way from design to fulfillment. They're spending more money avoiding choking hazard lawsuits and the like - i.e. at the expectation level of parents and children.
    • This is probably one of the things that ultimately led Matty to hand things over to a collector manufacturer. It makes sense, and we can probably expect better product as a result, at adult collector production standards.
    • Unfortunately as has been stated elsewhere, this level of detail and error correction will probably lead to a price hike, and certainly so as Super7 do not have the inroads and volume discounts that Mattel can push for with the factories and middlemen involved.
  2. Mark M

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    I recall a while back reading that a UK buyer could not return/replace a broken MOTUC figure as he did not buy it directly from Matty but from an International EBay seller.
  3. Thunderpants

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    I sympathize with the buyer. However, Matty did post about this subscription being available in mid-2015, it was offered for an entire month, maybe two IIRC, and they did have some limited sales. It was always offered internationally (yes, the shipping costs were high, I do understand)
    To be fair, in this era of Chinese knock-off everything, I also understand Matty's position on this. When you can't control the sales channels, you have no idea what's being returned. Maybe if the demand was high enough, Mattel would create a European distribution arm? We also know that a large part of the Thundercats audience hail from Mexico and South America as well - but you can forget catering to those customers in any consistent way due to the turmoil in that part of the map.
    At some point you have to accept the realities of providing low production run items to a discerning audience, the largest concentration of which are in North America, and compromise in the best interests of the business.
    It's hard to please a worldwide audience equally when we are all so distant and with so vastly different circumstances.
  4. Mark M

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    I get what you mean. But these are adult collector items and made in a smaller run and cost more so the checking for QC should be a lot higher than mass produced toys.
    Hopefully Super 7 can do a good job. Having never owned any of Super 7's products I can't comment on what their QC is like.
  5. T-Cat

    T-Cat Mutant

    If S7 does indeed get the license, I want them to be sold in retail! I always see "ReAction" toys in retail and they look identical to S7 but never understood why S7 cannot make that same retail transition?

    I would like to see S7 items in the collector aisle where the "NECA" toys and the two figure "Mezco" ThunderCat section at Toys R US!

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    Funny how I recently got my Club Filmation Evilseed figure replaced despite not being able to exchange it according to you... Have you actually ever bought from Matty Collector?
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  7. blackiecats

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    No they aren't. I'm in the UK and have had replacement figures from Matty on a few occasions. It really is unfair to post information that just isn't true.

    The only real issue I've seen that's been widespread is the loose gripping hand which I agree is a problem and should not have happened. The 2 Lion-O's I got had beautiful paint apps (as did my 3 packs of Thunderkittens)

    To be honest I hardly post on this site anymore and it's mainly due to the constant nitpicking and willing the line to fail from certain members that puts me off. We are even at the point where there are posts littered with false information which I can only assume is done purposely to put folks off buying the figures :( Considering I was one of the original founding members of this site I find it really sad it's come to this. I enjoy posting on much more because there is a balance over there of critiquing the product whilst enjoying the goods aspects of it too. Here it's the same members bashing it over and over and they haven't even bought any of it!

    I'm sorry but to expect Matty to replace a figure not bought direct from them is absurd! That buyer SHOULD have contacted the eBay seller and then had the seller return the figure to Matty.
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  8. catgurl

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    Just because I don't buy from Matty doesn't necessarily mean that my friends don't. Doesn't mean that I have never actually seen the toys in person.

    Would you like me to post testimonials of all the people who have had problems with Matty whether it is about returning the item bought, getting overcharged or quality problems? There are entire websites made by unhappy Matty customers about their bad experiences with the subscription method. Are they all lying? Is it some grand scheme to get Matty's toylines cancelled?

    You said that you have had your figures replaced by Matty promptly. Can I ask why you returned those figures? Was it because they were too perfect? Or was it because there was some problem with them? But that would be a paradox, since Mattel's products do not have any problems, right? ;)

    Jokes aside, it is great that none of your ThunderKittens and Lion-O figures had any QC problems. I am happy for you, I really am. But there are many people who have gotten figures with very bad paint aps. Many. Would you like me to post pics of those? Why is it that you don't want to believe that? Just because your figures were perfect? Are you seriously saying that since Mattel started the MOTUC line their has never been a single figure with QC issues? Because that's exactly what it sounds like you are saying.

    I know someone who got a very good WIlykit/Wilykat set and another guy who got one with a terrible paint job on kat. The point that I was making is that for figures produced in limited quantities for adult collectors, it is very bad that they have such qc issues. Do you remember every seeing an LJN figure with a bad paint app? Or a Bandai figure? And those were made in the millions. How can you justify poor quality on toys made in small quantity compared to those made in huge quantities.

    Aren't people free to express their opinions and experiences? You had a good experience you share it. Someone had a bad experience and they too should be able to share it without getting jumped on by fans, right? On this very forum, people have complained and nitpicked on the LJN toys, Bandai toys, Mezco toys, the numerous statues, the old cartoon, the new cartoon, the wildstorm comics. You have never had a problem with that. But the moment someone says anything negative about Mattel, you come out all guns blazing. Why is that? You feel that the site has now gotten to a bad state, just because of SOME criticism against Mattel. But you are fine with all those other criticisms directed towards various other companies.

    There are more people here supporting the Mattel toys than those criticizing them but you only see the latter and feel that is more balanced. Yes, this forum is unbalanced but in FAVOR of Mattel toys and not against them. Yes I am one of those few who criticize the line and that is my opinion based on my observations and experience. I will not apologize for it but I certainly will not ask other people to change their opinions or cancel their subscriptions. Should I just quit coming here just because people disagree with me?

    There is a guy over here (I won't mention his name), who is obsessed with the new Thundercats cartoon series. He is devastated that it got cancelled. He is blaming everyone from the Turtles to Donald Trump for its cancellation. :) He has started multiple campaigns to get the new series going on. While his determination is admirable, we all know that WB won't restart the series just because a few fans sign a petition. They have to look at the financial aspect of it.

    Similarly, a few people nitpicking things on Mattel toys in a forum isn't going to get the line cancelled or Mattel shut down. But you fear that it will, which is why you feel compelled to quell any criticism against Mattel. Come on, you and I both know that the buyers of the line FAR outweigh critics like me (even if majority of those buyers are scalpers). Bottom line is, Mattel toys will continue to sell out, irrespective of issues that some of them may have. So you can just chill and relax and let us "evil anti-Mattel mustache twirling villains" vent off some steam on the forums, okay? :)
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  9. Sebastiaan

    Sebastiaan Moderator Staff

    I have to agree with blackiecats, there's been too much negativity in some responses recently, which put me off from visiting the site, and ironically, I ended up going to and read their interaction. I'm still a loyal forum member here but do not like it when somebody who raises an opinion is hammered and nailed to the cross for expressing it. Yes, we're all very big (or rather TRUE) ThunderCats fans (lol, sorry, just had to tease), and we get very passionate about it, but I've often kept my mouth shut because of reactions that was just unasked for and blatantly rude / unwelcome. Discussing something you are passionate about should never become personal.
    I've so far only received my kittens, and they're fabulous, although kit's neck has a small paint issue, but that's it. I'll comment on the other figures when I get them in January (by the looks of it). Let's keep this board a pleasant place to visit, raise opinions and not take offence by others' opinions.
    On a side note - I honestly think that a lot of the negativity influences people who are not participating on the boards (and just reading like I do on And yes, S7's "silence" on the future of TC (still not their fault, they may not be allowed to say anything since its not finalized or Matty told them to keep quiet because they still have the license) may be affecting the turn out of buyers who expect S7 to either launch a new line and thus override the current figures we have. So let's discuss our qualms, but be upbeat. A few years ago many of you on here moaned about the Bandai figures. Today you praise these figures!? A few years from now we'll be singing the Matty figures their praises...
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  10. Mark M

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    What part isn't true? I said people in the UK buying from EBay sellers are stuck with the product if there is any faults and said I read a UK buyer was stuck with a faulty product. I don't see what is wrong with saying that when it's true. That isn't just against Mattel figures that goes for Hasbro and NECA etc. I personally bought some NECA and Diamond Select products that broke upon opening them and the sellers would not accept a return and said that was a fault of the manufacturers and to take it up with them etc. I can only imagine what they would have said if I had complained about a loose gripping hand or bad paint apps LOL.
  11. Berserker

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    eBay has 100% satisfaction for buyers so to say that you'd be stuck with a figure is false because EBay almost always sides with the buyer with any issues. Even if they refuse to accept a return EBay will refund your $$. The only time I've ever heard of eBay siding with the seller is if the buyer has said something against eBay policy in communication with the seller i.e. threats, asking to buy the item off eBay, threatening negative feedback etc. even with all that eBay will still likely side with the buyer.

    I agree with Blackiecats there is negativity on both sides of the Mattel issue but the negative side has taken over for the most part in this forum. There's a big difference between criticizing the line and just plain bashing it and spreading false info. I wonder why people that aren't buying the figures continue to come here and trash the line as though they are buying them? If you hate the line so much it starts to seem silly to poke your head in to say the same things over and over again. Makes no sense to me, but to each their own I guess.
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  12. catgurl

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    Gosh, people here really are WAY too sensitive. I state my opinion about a company and their products and point out that there are people who have had problems with the company, and suddenly the fan brigade, without actually reading my comments, attack with dumb comments like "haters who poke in here unnecessarily". Really???

    Fine. Since it is apparent that only Mattel fans are welcome here, I'm not going to post in the Mattel section again, ever. I don't want other people to stop visiting here just because of my comments (which are not directed towards them, but theirs are directed towards attacking me personally). And I would strongly urge other who have criticized Mattel to stop posting here as well.

    Now the rest of you can post praises of Mattel here freely and make this board a great happy place again.
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  13. JapanRL

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    It's got nothing to do with being fans or praising Mattel. People might just be sick of having to scroll through all this negative stuff from people who aren't collecting. If someone who is collecting has issues, it's worth discussing about because they're in the same boat. The ones who aren't collecting have been heard on why they aren't, yet are still in here posting the same things. I don't come here and read here often but when I do, there are always pages of junk I've already read countless times. An example is people who aren't collecting still having an opinion of Jackalman being too bulky. We've heard it, and the same thing is just becoming tiresome.
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    I really don't see why the nay-sayers are against returning figures through the eBay seller. Any eBay seller that's honest would deal with Matty directly to get the figure replaced. They could even forward a ship label to the end buyer so that the figure goes directly back to Mattel.

    I really don't see how this is any different than something bought from a brick-and-mortar. If you're buying from eBay, you should be looking at seller records and choosing to purchase from someone reputable who is interested in your satisfaction.

    I have bought and sold quite a few items on eBay, and I can assure you that eBay is VERY biased in the buyer's favor, even if the buyer is clearly being fraudulent.

    On another note, I think what many folks here find off-putting about Catgurl's and to a lesser extent Mark M's viewpoints (a few of which I've seen him correct, kudos to him) is the tone in which these criticisms are being made. I'm not saying either one of you don't have valid viewpoints - you have a lot of worthwhile criticisms - it's just that that the accompanying lead-in and end of the post are usually some kind of emotionally-driven vitriol. This makes it really, really hard for someone from the opposite point of view who likes the product to be able to process what you're trying to say objectively - it's the verbal equivalent of slapping someone around a bit who doesn't want to take their medicine.

    My suggestions are to cite more links to complaint threads (especially when referencing dissatisfied customers) and more importantly think about how your posts are going to be received (if you want the opposite side to actually listen to you.)
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  15. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I only stated a comment I read on another site a while back.

    My own experience with the sellers who would not refund or replace the product was back in 2009 and I know EBay has changed a bit since then and always sides with the buyer. The items I got that were damaged only cost about £10 each so I decided not to bother getting into hassle over it.
  16. Berserker

    Berserker Glass Walker

    I think a lot of fans get upset when they call for a change and that change doesn't happen and they feel that Mattel or any other company isn't listening. Maybe that sours attitudes and makes people feel that they don't care. When in fact it might be a case of not enough people called for that change. I don't know, my biggest gripe is just the spreading of misinformation to make things look worse than they are. You don't like the figures, Mattel or the direction things are going then that's fine. Just don't make up false reasoning or try to dissuade people from buying based on something that's not true. If the line continues and it goes down a path people aren't happy with things will change or it will fail. Disclaimer: This is just my opinion so please don't take it personally, misquote me or think I am telling you what to do.
  17. blackiecats

    blackiecats Legacy Team Member

    The point is you stated that Mattel does not replace defective product which is completely untrue. If you know about Matty via your friends then you would already know that as I'd assume your friends have had faulty figures replaced?

    No because that isn't the point here. I know there have been problems with quality control plaguing the line this year, otherwise I would not have had figures replaced myself. My point is not everyone is getting faulty figures and if you don't buy the figures why would you care? It seems to me your just here to create negativity which spoils the joy of posting on here. The Mattel line is over after December regardless of sales. My concern is that folks will be put off buying them from all the negativity and not be able to enjoy them like myself and others are doing.

    Yes, but the funny thing is your not posting your experience of the product because you never actually bought any of it.
  18. blackiecats

    blackiecats Legacy Team Member

    This is your exact quote:
    International customers can get figures replaced from Matty Collector so they aren't stuck with faulty figures. That's the part that isn't true ;)
  19. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    That is poor wording on my part. I should probably edit that to read: International customers though, the people who had to buy through EBay are stuck with their product if there is any faults.
  20. balgus82

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