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    Hello, Folks! I'm writing here because I would like to know if anyone of you have a good sample of the Thundecats concept art from Mike Germakian. I love that piece of art since my childhood and I was already involved with its resurgence in the internet back in 2005. At that time nobody had that art online and, with the help of Angie Hill (a.k.a. Purrsia and owner of the website thundercatsfans.org), I made a Photoshop restoration of a scanned image from the UK Thundercts Annual comic book. At the top you can se I a comparison pic that I posted at deviant.art.com to celebrate the end of work: https://evangelinos.deviantart.com/art/Thunder-Restoration-19425978. The most part of the image was restored pixel by pixel. But it was worth the effort at that time. Latter, I posted the image as a wallpaper and this went viral. Besides that, I wasn’t 100% pleased with my work cause the image I had was just an old scanned sample with a non-professional restoration. So I’m coming to you in the hope to find a better copy of that in a digital form.

    "Muito Obrigado" from Brazil!

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    I would also be very interested in a high res version, been on the lookout for a long time.
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    That very poster made by Mike Germakian remains an iconic part of the ThunderCats universe. I've seen a few fan arts imitating the poster's style.

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