MOC + Loose Thundercats For Sale With Pics

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    I'm looking to sell my collection of MOC Thundercats and some of my loose figures. I have multiple photos of each item available at
    I will accept these prices or best offer and I will give discounts to buyers interested in more than one figure. I would much prefer to sell them to fans on here than on Ebay.

    Lion-O C-8.5 (Rainbow Toys) $160

    Mumm-ra C-10 (Absolutely Flawless) $250 (Pending)

    Lynx-O C-8 $150

    Captain Shiner C-7 $70

    Hammerhand C-6.5 $45

    -Since the Stinger is in such good condition I'm considering getting it graded however I am accepting offers for him.

    Thundercats are Loose! (Sorry couldn't help it)
    Astral Moat Monster C-10 $100

    Mumm-ra's Tomb (complete and good condition) Make me an offer

    I have most figures loose as well (excluding the european releases) and I will accept offers however I'm not in a hurry to part with them. If you have specific figures in mind let me know and I'll check on condition and completeness. Feel free to either PM me or e-mail me at with any questions or offers.
    Thank you!

    New Offer!
    Lynx-O and Hammerhand for $200
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    Updated and added a special offer!

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