Movie Club: How The Grinch Stole Christmas

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    WELCOME EVERYBODY TO THE LATEST DISCUSSION THREAD OF THE NEW MOVIE CLUB. A big thanks to everyone that are joining us through all of this.

    This week we're covering the festive (or not-so-festive!) 2000 movie "How The Grinch Stole Christmas", also know as just "The Grinch", starring Jim Carrey.

    Remember any ideas for films to discuss are most welcome, and should be made on the Movie Club Introduction thread (the sticky one), and anyone is welcome to add their thoughts about movies already discussed on their respective threads.

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    I recently watched this film again for maybe the third time. I recall renting it back in 2002 a couple years after it was released.
    Back then I quite enjoyed it.
    I have never read the book/story, I am only familiar with the Chuck Jones cartoon version which I seen back in 95, so I re-watched it along with the movie.

    Jim carey gives a great performance as the Grinch. At times he reminds me of Tim Curry's pennywise. Ironically in Home Alone 2 there is a scene showing the animated Grinch smiling fading to Tim Curry grinning. Much like Pennywise and Joker, Carey's Grinch is both funny and quite sinister. A bit unrelated but this shows how miscast Carey was a the Riddler in Batman Forever when he would have made a great Joker or even Mad Hatter.
    Taylor Momsen was quite good as Cindy Lou Who. The Cindy character helped expand the story quite a bit.
    The rest of the cast are mostly just filler, Carey is the star of the movie.

    Turning the visual and designs of an animation or comic into a live action movie is not an easy task but Ron Howard did a very good. Especially on the Grinch.
    However I do think the Who's could all have done with looking less human.

    I really enjoyed the Grinch's directing scene with Max.
    The scene the Grinch stealing the presents etc while the classic song from the animation plays was very well done, a great transition from animation to live action.

    I enjoyed this movie the first time I watched it and I still enjoy it.
    Overall a fun Christmas movie.
  3. LiamABC

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    I'd never seen this film before, and it's a tricky balance to get right - in some ways it's a forerunner to the Disney movie Enchanted which we covered here a few years ago, presenting animated sequences in the real world.

    I have a friend who has adopted Carrey's Grinch persona in his day-to-day routine, which can be a little unnerving at times - I'll have to tell him I've finally seen it!

    I saw the 25-minute animated version after watching it, and saw how it told the Dr Seuss story in that short time, what the movie did was try to expand it into an hour and a half of cinematic experience - which can be difficult, look at the numerous movie adaptions of sitcoms in the 1970s, many of which just didn't work because you can't always open up a world to such large proportions.

    This film however gives it a good stab. Turning a short children's story that has already been effectively presented on screen as a 25min TV short is no easy task but Ron Howard just about pulls it off.

    The only trouble is it's fairly obvious from the get-go that the Grinch is not the real baddie in this piece, that dubious distinction goes to the mayor of Whoville. They did a good job of explaining where the Grinch's attitude towards Christmas came from - although I recently saw a meme saying that what the Grinch really hated wasn't Christmas but people, and I can see what that meme is getting at. The explanation of why he went sour isn't specifically anything to do with Christmas, it was a bullying incident at school. This, coupled with the fact that he saves the little girl's life at the beginning, does rob us of the opportunity of gasping at the character's moment of realisation later on when he does ultimately redeem himself fully.

    Oh well, as festive movies go, it was watchable enough, and the deliberately silly bits were very good.
  4. Mark M

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    @LiamABC you should get around to watching Gremlins.

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