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    Hi everyone.

    Super long-time fan of the Cats. I remember watching ThunderCats HO! The Movie as a 5-night event on FOX every night at 7 pm when it originally aired. I am obsessed in a scary way with this series. Anyway, when I heard the news a month ago that Mattel was going to do what they did for MOTU collectors, my mind just started racing and I made a list over the course of a couple days and saved it. I am long time lurker (of this and many other sites) but I had some surgery done a few weeks ago and I'm finally better to sit at a screen and type these up and share them with everyone.

    At the very least, I just hope they make us laugh (as loyal fans of the ThunderCats).

    P.S. The figures/sets in the list below are all based solely on the 80's cartoon and the LJN toy line. I think they did a freakin' wonderful job on the 2011 series (not the toys, just the 2011 cartoon - I hated the Bandai toys). There's so much I adored about the 2011 cartoon series, naturally, a few things I didn't, but overall I really liked it too. But this list below is all what I consider to be 80's original series canon.
    P.P.S. Some items are in bold. Read into that whatever you like.

    So, here's my wish list - some long-shot, some crazy, but believe me when I tell you, I am abso-freakinglutely serious:

    • All the ThunderCats (obvi)
    • Mumm-Rana
    • Mumm-Ra, the Dream Master (spectral transparent ghostly exclusive version of Mumm-Ra)
    • Special Superfast Spinning Precognitive Psychic Sense Mode Cheetara ~ (figure spins fast with arms outstretched and white-out eyes: perhaps figure attaches to a base with a long ripcord you pull out fast? Special voice chip features sporadic, random clips of voice actor Lynne Lipton’s exasperated drawn-out yells, screams and moans with awkward breaks of silence in-between – because she always seems to get a migraine and faint afterwards, drained of energy; When done spinning, Cheetara figure bends at waist and slumps over, arms dangling towards feet – voice chip ends with “ugghhhhh….” ~ a work in progress)
    • Diamondfly
    • 2-Pack: The Netherwitch & Nemex
    • Crystal Kingdom Queen Tartara w/Arrietta Bird in Cage - [sound chip?]
    • Wahankh w/Ma-Tep
    • Spidera
    • Wizz-Ra
    • Special Exclusive Wizz-Ra “Dreaming” Set: Spectral Wizz-Ra Figure w/Mirror; Dreaming/Sleeping Cheetara Figure w/Bed
    • The Excalibur Set: Merlin, the Excalibur Sword, and Mumm-Ra as King Arthur (oh, and throw a handsome horse in too, or 2 horses and Lion-O so they can joust - never mind, that's too much - where am I going to put all this crap!?!)
    • The “Exodus” Set (episode 1) – celebrating the Groundbreaking Television Exclusive ~ ALL-NUDE EXODUS Box Set of 7 ThunderCats characters from opening episode where they were all appeared nude before being assigned “protective raiments” from Jaga! Why not?
    • Pumm-Ra
    • Ta-She
    • 2-Pack Exclusive Set: Scooper & Screwloose
    • Exclusive Set of 2: Hachiman with Dogi-Kage, his Mechanical Steed (Horse)
    • Mandora, the Evil Chaser w/Electro-Charger Hovervehicle
    • Quick Pick
    • Willa & Nayda, Warrior Maidens
    • Warrior Maiden Tree Playset
    • 3-pack of Under-Earthmen – I love these guys – (“A bit…LOWER!”) – at least one of them has to have burnt eyelids – they should come with a large stack of books and rope tied around waists (remember them from the Anointment Trials 'Kittens' episode?)
    • Unicorn Keeper w/Unicorn
    • RainbowBridge w/Shark
    • Astral Form Jaga ~ [There is a FREAKING AMAZING one available from some super talented guys on etsy, do a search, about $100 I think, awesome]
    • Claudus
    • Jagara
    • 2-Pack: Turmagar, the Tuska Warrior with Gomplin (Flying Lizard)
    • Exclusive TREASURE OF THUNDERA 8-piece SET: The Totem of Dera; The Double-Headed Jade Dragon of Doom; The Book of Omens; The Key of Thundera; The Magical Flute; The Chain of Loyalty; The Mirror of Truth; The Bracelet of Power.
    • Snowman of HookMountain with Snowmeow ~ [never understood why you could only get the beautiful Snowmeow in the miniature line, despite the fact that the LJN sculpt and size of Snowman was so incredible along with his accessories]
    • Ice King
    • Big Snarf Family Set: 4 Snarfs [Snarf (Osbert); Snarfer; Oswald; Eggbert] +PLUS an assortment of Candy Fruits, a Candy Fruit Tree, and several little baskets
    • Snarf-Ra
    • ALL of the Lunataks
    • Sky Tomb
    • ALL of the Berserkers
    • 2-Pack: Ponzi Wolo & Tabbut
    • 2-Pack Bolkins: Bundin & Hurrick
    • Tower of Omens
    • Warbot
    • Hopper (grasshopper Third Earth person)
    • River of Doom Boatman w/Boat
    • Enflamer
    • Shadowmaster
    • Mumm-Ra’s Onyx Pyramid w/4 Obelisks
    • Mega Tomb Set with Oversize Cauldron, Walkway to Sarcophagus, and the 4 Ancient Spirits of Evil statues
    • Book of Omens Playset (Interior: Checkered Floorboard, Fire-Breathing Dragons wrapped around 4 Columns; Book of Omens as metaphor for The Ark of the Covenant atop a large flight of stairs)
    • Weapon Set with Sword of Omen & Claw Shield w/Holder as seen in cartoon PLUS The Book of Omens with KEY and holder as seen in cartoon
    • Anointment Trials of Lion-O Special Edition with Royal Cape & Crown
    • Final Episode 7-Pack Special Edition of ThunderCats in Official Winter Uniforms with 7 diffferent Thundera Flags
    • Soundora w/Sound Stone of the Dark Side
    • Baker's Dozen (13) Set of Berbils
    • Berbil Village Houses with an assortment of Candy Fruit trees

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  2. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Hi. Welcome to the forum. :)
    That is good (and very long) list. I think quite a lot of it though is really wishful thinking. But considering the MOTU stuff they have released you never know. There is a lot of stuff I never thought would be made in MOTUC. Especially the stuff pretty much none of the fans actually wanted LOL. ;)
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  3. Daremonger

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    That's a pretty impressive list there.
  4. LordOfOmens

    LordOfOmens New Member

    That would, I think, be a nice change to have (drowning in choices) as opposed to having only the few 4 or 5 core characters consistently made into figure and statues without any hope of any other characters, but I get your drift. I try not to complain about the manufacturers who have gone out of their way to acquire licenses to make figures/statues from the series, even if they can only make a one or a handful of characters, at least it keeps the series alive and burning, and the hopes of the fandom alive too.

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  5. LordOfOmens

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    Thank you! I also TRULY hope Mattel will listen to fans and please go back to the standard basic all-black LJN style packaging and original logo. I think the logo is absolutely perfect as it was presented on the show and on the LJN cards/boxes. Fingers crossed!!

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  6. thezaxfactor

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    Oh my gosh, these had me on the floor. Especially the Under-Earth People quote—so funny. They should come with some flammable books, too. "Our...BOOKS!"
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  7. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Just had a closer read of your list. Multiple Berbils with a village and candy fruit etc. I agree 110%. :snarf
    I loved the Berbils. If Mattel makes Berbils I will troop build them.
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  8. LordOfOmens

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    "...I will Troop build them"
    laughing at this, I can picture it. But seriously, those little guys were industrious as hell (and I always felt bad for them because it seemed like every asshat that rolled through that part of Third Earth just stopped and said, Hey, let's mess these little s**ts up! lol. That's mean).

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  9. LordOfOmens

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    Oh I love the books idea. Didn't they have a huge stack of books that they kept piling higher and higher? Panthro needed to take Wilykit and Wilykat and Snarfer back to their lair and put together a few dozen Ikea Billy bookcases for them. And stools. Because they're so short. That way they don't have to hold each others legs. While blind. In the dark. *sigh* I can't lie, I feel bad for those guys!

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  10. Daremonger

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    With ideas like yours, we need to do all we can to support Mattel's ThunderCats line.
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  11. Mark M

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    They remind me of Ewoks and I really liked them in the Star Wars movies, their own movies and the cartoon series.
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  12. cloudraker19

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    I think it's possible we may see some really obscure characters, if Mattel has plans to extend the line out. If what they did with MOTUC is a gauge then we have a chance of seeing Claudus or Jaguara, or the Lunataks. I really want a Red Eye and a Cruncher done in the size/scale of Ram Man.

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