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    Hi All,

    I will be auctioning off or selling my collection of orginial and only known examples of the LJN box art for the unproduced vechiles, THE FELINER, THUNDERSTRIKE, and the LUNA TRACKER. I also have the photo art for the LUNA LASHER, THUNDERWINGS, and the CANNON BLASTER! I also have a couple other LJN originals, 'THUNDERFORCE' and a variant prototype card art, again framed.

    All are framed and professionally mounted on acid free paper. The orginial art is on velum paper and very fragile. No rips or tears and fully framed!

    Serious inquiries only...
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    Is there anywhere we can see pictures? and prices? Very interested!

    Adam Smith
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    I cant speak for him but I believe he was the one who supplied us with these pics a while back. http://www.thundercatslair.org/toys/protoart.html
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    Thanks Manny,

    Yeah, those are them!

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    Ok All,

    Here is the first of my auction for my collection of original LJN prototype art. This one is special. It was used in the early design of the toy series and not the latter as most examples are from. It's little, but packs a punch! Let me know if you all have any questions for me!

    Fixed price $695
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