Possible Super 7 ThunderCats line

Discussion in 'Mattel ThunderCats Toys' started by Sebastiaan, Dec 27, 2016.

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  1. Cheetoro

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    It's pointless. There is nothing.
  2. I've been waiting to post but think now is the right time after SDCC. From what I can infer and what I know, it doesn't sound like Super7 will be granted the license. I think that's unfortunate because I believe Super7 could do a lot of fun things for the brand, but most importantly continue the much needed ThunderCats Classic line by the Four Horsemen. I just want to add Brian Flynn seems like a super guy, and that it's both WB's loss and ours if Super7 doesn't get the license at some point. That said, hope is not lost.

    About two months ago, I contacted WB again after the ThunderCats Roar announcement. I don't feel comfortable divulging the name, but please know it's the same very important person there who has the ultimate authority on this brand for action figures. I wrote in hope that WB truly understands how much collectors appreciated ThunderCats Classic by Mattel/Four Horsemen. I laid it all out. I am just one voice, so I included some of the relevant Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc... ThunderCats Classic fan support pages. The executive replied back kindly and clearly saw the interest amongst collectors. While not able to divulge anything (which I understand), the WB executive did say, "....there are discussions ongoing that I'm not at liberty to discuss but you can rest assured we are aware there is potential to do something the fans will love. Still a lot of work to do to make this happen but I agree with you that's its worth the effort to make this happen."

    Does that mean WB is going to license ThunderCats Classic action figures to Funko? Mezco? Back to Mattel? Hasbro? Maybe Super7 has another shot? I don't know. But I will say I am not giving up on this line. The Four Horsemen started something great, and I would like to see them finish it. ThunderCats deserves a proper full collector line.
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    I agree with you on that. We're 30-something years overdue for a complete ThunderCats Classic action figure line.
  4. Coptur

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    Shame that WB may not grant a classic license using 4horseman design.
    I know not everyone liked the motuc buck but i liked that i had a LionO that I could stand 'cough' play 'cough' with He-Man evenly.
    Even if they just completed the core cast.
    (Jaga, LynxO, Bengali, Tigra, Cheetara, Monkian, EL MummRa, Slithe, Vultureman, Grune & 2pack Snaff & MaMutt)

    ah well:(
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    It is not entirely written off, with Funko having the licence now it may eventually expire and then hopefully S7 can agree to WB's terms. Don't give up hope just yet - but in the meantime there is always Joe Amaro's fabulous Berbills and Snarf (oh AND his potential upcoming Slithe!!!) I also enjoy mixing *cough* playing *cough* my MOTUC and TC!! I need the rest of the core gang at least.
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    I saw the drawings for Slithe on Joe Amato's Facebook page. They're pretty spot on.
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