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  1. MannysCollectibles

    MannysCollectibles Legacy Team Member

    Feel free to post your Thundercats want list here. Specify either loose or MOC/MIB.

    This is my want list, paying top $$$$ for ones i need.They must be either MIB or MOC.

    Berbill Bert
    Berbill Bill
    Jackalman (14 back)
    Laser Sabers (Blue,Red)
    Lion O (8 back without battery offer/orange hair)
    Lion O (22 back)
    Lion O (with Snarf,orange hair variation)
    Mummra (22 back)
    Mumm-Ra (8 back with battery offer/dark accesories)
    Mumm-Ra (with Ravage)
    Cheetara (8 back without Wilykit)
    Sword of Omens
    Tygra (14 back,Old, without Wilykat)

    ***Items in bold denote priority items***

    Shoot me a PM or email if you have any of the following above
  2. Jaga

    Jaga Moleman

    Lion-O with Snarf
    Mumm-ra with Ravage
    Capt Shiner
    Capt Cracker
    Safarai Joe
    Berbill Bert
    Berbill Bill

    I will pay top dollar for high quality conditions. The ones in red are higher priority. PM me if you have any for sale or trade. I do have some vintage Star Wars, carded Transformers cassettes, Silverhawks, and a TON of other stuff available for trade.


    Hey everyone, just thought I would post my want list. I will pay good money and I have some stuff to trade as well. eBay feedback can be provided as well.

    I need loose complete in NM condition:

    Berbil Bill, Belle, and Bert
    Safari Joe
    WilyKit&Wilkat companions
    Mumm-Mutt companion
    Macintosh games
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  4. LJN

    LJN Junior Member

    Good plan for a thread. Here's what I'm wanting: (loose please...and "played with" shape is ok as well...)

    all four Berzerkers
    both versions of Tygra
    Captain Cracker
    Captain Shiner
    Wilykit (poseable)
    Wilykat (poseable)
    Nose Diver vehicle
    Fist Pounder vehicle

    .......and a SLEW of weaponry. I just got a minty Monkian with a flawless helmet, and joints and paint as though he just came off the card. Thing is though, he's missing the BALL part from his MACE......rrrrrrrrr......
  5. ripclaw923

    ripclaw923 New Member

    lynxo loose no shield

    mongor's weapon
  6. Kriz

    Kriz Junior Member


    Safari Joe's Gun

    A teleportation device that will transport me back to 1987-1988 so I can pick up most of the Thundercat items in pristine shape for $6.98. :D
  7. matt

    matt Thunderian Legend

    Ok heres mine Bold items are items most wanted

    Prototypes any

    Any carded Playful figures I need ( Lion-o, Panthro, Cheetara, could use a new jackalman, and a new tygra)
    Glasslite moc (have all boxed figs), glasslite minis moc
    Unitoys (6inch figs) moc or loose

    COSMOCATS Star Lion moc This one is a super high priorty (will trade a moc Bengali for it or pay cash) and any other cosmocats


    Working Cat's lair

    Lynx-o MOC (with starburst new sign)
    MOC Lion-o with snarf
    any Single packed Tygras

    Wilykit MOC
    Wilykat MOC
    Berbil Bill MOC
    Berbil Bert MOC
    Lion-O 8 back with battery (red, orange versions)
    Stinger MOC
    Felina MOC (will pay big money for this as well)
    Snowman with Snowmeow MIB (english box)
    Lunar Lasher Mumm-ra MOC
    Thunderwings Lion-o MOC
    Mummra with battery 8back moc (dark version)

    One loose Rattaro Black dagger (one of mine broke)

    Thats it for now I have others but the ones up here are hard enough to get
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  8. dan07

    dan07 Glass Walker


    I'm looking for the following MOC figures. Please PM me if you would like to sell me the following:

    Liono MOC (any variations)
    Panthro MOC
    S-S-Slythe MOC (any back)
    Snowman MOC
    Safari Joe MOC
    Bengali MOC
    Pumyra MOC
    Stinger MOC
    Driller MOC
    Jaga MOC
    Berbil Bill MOC
    Berbil Bert MOC
    Wilykit MOC
    MaMutt MOC
    Young Tygra MOC (alone or with Wilykat)
    Mongor MOC
    Thunderwings Liono
    Luna Lasher Mumm-ra
    Astral Moat Monster MIB
    Tongue-a-saurus MIB
    Rambam MOC
    Hammerhand MOC
    Top Spinner MOC

    Thanks for looking and hopefully some people might be able to help me out!
  9. Kriz

    Kriz Junior Member

    Looking for a loose in great condition Driller. Need it to complete my loose collection. Of course always looking for other variants. Just won a Smooth Back I just have to get the Thunderwings.
  10. centurn

    centurn Active Member

    I need Cheetara's bo staff.

    PM me!
  11. tcatempire

    tcatempire Junior Member


    Hey Guys
    Im looking for these last few pieces to complete my colelction (All loose complete). If any of you have these and are looking to sell please let me know.

    Orange hair Lion o (loose complete)
    Laser Sabers (looking for all 4) (loose complete)
    tongue o saurus (loose complete)

    I will pay with Pay Pal and have 100% positive fedback on ebay.

  12. starrcade89

    starrcade89 Vortex Explorer

    (please pm me)
    all i need are:

    tongue-a-saurus mib

    mib cats lair
    .....and ive been searching for along time, i see the occasional cats lair pop up but they go for silly money, i haven't seen a tongue-a-saurus aroung in about 3 years.
    .......................................................................................... always looking for difficult to find weapons and accessories eg:
    jaga helmet, cracker sword, tygra whip, panthro numbchucks, mongor sythe, cheetara staff.
  13. G.Romero

    G.Romero Junior Member

    Hello everyone, glad to be here. :) Here are all my wants, as well as some items I have for swap. I'd like all of my stuff LOOSE please, and also, I'm not overly hung-up on condition long as their joints are tight and working, a bit of paint flaking here and there is A-OK by me. On to the lists...

    Items I NEED:
    (bare figures)

    -Berzerker HammerHand
    -Berzerker Cruncher
    -Tuska Warrior
    -Pumyra (have her, but mine has these awful spots all over..)
    -Safari Joe
    -Captain Shiner
    -'Young' Tygra

    Weaponry I need:

    -Ben~Gali's hammer (yeah...I and the rest of the world, eh?:roll: )
    -Captain Shiner's laser pistol
    -Grune's Knuckleduster
    -Lion~O's glove
    -Lynx~O's shield
    -Mongor's scythe (I'd LOVE this piece...what a wicked weapon)
    -Pumyra's sling (HORRID 'accessory'...but I need it, so..:duh: )
    -S-S-Slithe's axe
    -Snowman's spear and shield
    -Tuska's rifle
    -Tygra's whip (I have one, but its very lousy in shape..)
    -Vultureman's claw staff ( of my favorites..)
    -Rataro's sais (only the PAINTED ones please..I have several of the silver..)

    I'm also looking for ANY and ALL vehicles..the ThunderTank being at the bottom of the list. As a younger person, the 'Tank always let me DOWN...LJN really cheaped-out with this one..should have been TWICE the size, held TWO in the front seat, and had MANY more features, but ah well...:?

    I have plenty to trade, everything from ThunderCats to classic/new MOTU to GI Joe Sigma 6 to Marvel Legends...and nearly EVERYTHING in between. Here are some ThunderCats I have to offer, all of these are in 'good' shape...some better than others...just ask. :)

    For swap:

    -Snowman X2
    -Jackalman X3
    -Jackalman's club

    Hope we can work something out, and again, glad to be here! :)

  14. aewsmith

    aewsmith Guest

    LJN Toy Catalog from 1986

    I'm looking for this, and this alone;

    LJN Toy Catalog from 1986

    I've been looking for it for a while, so my offer would be somewhere between $200-300 for it.

    And I would promise to share it with the site if I found it through the Thundercatslair

  15. matt

    matt Thunderian Legend

    Good luck on that. None of us here (mod wise) have ever seen that one. But I keep thinking one has to be out there somewhere right?

  16. aewsmith

    aewsmith Guest

    Yea I know, its the elusive middle catalog, with the more elusive lizzor character. There was one on ebay sometime in may/june i think but I lost because I got caught off guard when it went so high.

    Anyhow, hopeful it'll turn up sometime
  17. All have to be moc by the way.

    1 WilyKat
    2 Snarf
    3 Tygra (14 back on his own)
    4 Tygra w/WilyKat 14 back (older tygra)
    5 Cheetara (14 back on her own or with WilyKit)
    6 stinger
    7 bengali
    8 mutant fistpounder
    9 astral moat monster
    10 pumyra
    11 hovercat
    12 grune
    13 cpt shiner
    14 snowman
    15 jackalman
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  18. Originalthundercatroar

    Originalthundercatroar Vortex Explorer

    I'm looking for MOC American carded.

    Black kriss/blue eye variant Ratar-O

    Lion-O with Snarf. I don't care if its orange, red, maroon, I just want one.

    Snowman of Hook Mountain (Roman shield/spear variant) A long shot I know. (The accessories look just like the ones that came with the Snoman/Snowmeow KidWorks PVC set.)

    I'll pay cash, I have a MOC Cheetara and Wilykit I could trade with some cash whatever you'd want to work out.

  19. matt

    matt Thunderian Legend

    i hate to burst your bubble here but this wasnt released in the usa. this was a foreign release. along with the sliver daggers with eyes

  20. Copperkid

    Copperkid Vortex Explorer

    I"m looking for a few figures and parts as well:

    Rataro with black sais - LOOSE or just the black sais
    Safari joe's GUN only
    Thunderclaw - LOOSE must be version with wheel on the bottom side
    Mutant Fistpounder- loose
    Ma-mutt - plastic chain loose
    Ma-Mutt - PVC
    "Toy Options" Tygra - loose or MOC
    Red Lion-O (figure only, excellent condition)
    claw shield - MAROON
    sword of omens - MAROON
    Luna Lasher vehicle
    Stilt Runner vehicle
    complete/ loose minis

    PLAYFUL: MOC or Loose
    Jaga (playful)
    Bengali (playful)

    Glasslite Thundercats

    PM me or email me
    I will consider trades, thanks!
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