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Discussion in 'ThunderCats Marketplace' started by MannysCollectibles, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. StarLiono

    StarLiono New Member

    Looking for a MOC Cosmocats Starlion on a French card. I pay top money!!

  2. badmom

    badmom New Member

    Wanting Thunder Cat play Tent from the 80's

    Needing a Thunder Cat play Tent from the 80's. My son has never gotten over the fact I donated it when he was a teen when we did a closet clean out! (In my defense, he was suppose to do it himself, the closet clean out and put it off for two weeks.)
    If nothing else I would like pictures of a tent, the front, back, top sides......
    Anyway, if anyone knows of one please let me know.

  3. sweetybrandt

    sweetybrandt New Member

    Panthro MOC wanted!!

    Please does anyone have Panthro moc that can sell me that I could give my husband for Christmas?!!
  4. sweetybrandt

    sweetybrandt New Member

    Panthro moc please!!

    I would LOVE to buy my husband for christmas Panthro MOC!! Please let me know if you could part with yours!!
  5. TMNachoT

    TMNachoT Crabman

    Hello! Any Thundercats (BTAS/TMNT) fans in Miami than can give me good info about flea markets or second hand stores where I can buy loose thundercats (2011 line)? I may not chance to check this website on my phone, so if you have any info, can you send me an email to

  6. eastlosfinest

    eastlosfinest Junior Member

    looking for THUNDERCATS LAIR, and any PROTOTYPES =)
  7. berry40000

    berry40000 New Member

    i have a good collection for sale
  8. Alluro Fan

    Alluro Fan Vortex Explorer

    I'm looking for some weapons and accessories for some of my figures. I need Tygra's whip, Monkian's helmet and mace, Vultureman's weapon, Snowman's helmet and weapon, and Tuska Warrior's gun. I have an orange-haired Lion-O and a Tusk Warrior with missing switch I could trade.
  9. Cap'n Cracka

    Cap'n Cracka Mutant

    I'm looking to finish off my ljn loose line completely. I am looking for all figures to be complete unless it is stated otherwise. I am not a stickler on condition but played with condition with normal wear is fine, no loose joints, and all battle action levels in working order. Iif it states that the paint does not matter it is because I am looking to use these for custom projects and will be repainted. I am looking for accessories too.

    Bengalis hammer
    Pumyra's sling (or a complete Pumyra)
    Lion- O any colored hair. Complete (working condition. Paint does not matter)
    Grune with club ( working condition paint does not matter)
    Bengali - incomplete (working condition. Paint does not matter)
    Lynx-O - incomplete (working condition. Paint does not matter)
    Pumyra - incomplete (working condition. Paint does not matter)
    Jaga with cape - incomplete (working condition. Paint does not matter)
    Tuska warriors - both complete and incomplete. I am looking to add several working condition. Paint does not matter - Anyone trying to sell one of theirs make me an offer. )
    Berbils (all 3 - Paint does not matter)
    WilyKit Argentina mini (painted)

    I am also looking to add a MOC Captain Cracker and MOC Panthro. I am also interested in seeing if any prototypes were currently accepting offers. If there are please send me a private message letting me know the which prototype, the condition, and if there is a COA. Please provide photos from several angles . Please let me know. I would love to add some rarities.
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  10. Mcaseres

    Mcaseres Glass Walker

    Hi I am looking for a ThunderCats Cats Lair playset with the box. It doesnt have to be sealed or complete, but I would like the front of the box to be in good shape. I am willing to go up to 500.00 depending on the condition. Thanks! I can also work out a trade, just check out my showcase thread. I have a couple 8 backs and 15 figures MOC to check out. The lair is a piece that I never had as a kid that I would love to own- Thanks!
  11. ThunderECH

    ThunderECH Junior Member

    is this list still current as I have a few of these to part with.
  12. ThunderECH

    ThunderECH Junior Member

    Accessories wanted, if anyone has any spares extras I would be interested in trading/ buying them.

    I also need a Bengali to finish off my good guys. Not really bothered about condition as long as its not awful.
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  13. KosmoKat

    KosmoKat Junior Member

    I'm looking for wings for my Stinger. Even reproductions ones will do. There was a guy who was selling really nice repros of the wings on EBay. They had the right type of transparent color. But he doesn't appear to have any more of those.
  14. eastlosfinest

    eastlosfinest Junior Member

    looking for BOOTLEG thundercats as well as Prototypes! =)
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  15. Cap'n Cracka

    Cap'n Cracka Mutant

    Only one I am not still looking for is the Tongue-a-saurus. (I just updated it and took it off the list.) Every thing else I am still looking for.
  16. ThunderECH

    ThunderECH Junior Member

    Pm me the next time you are online and we'll see what we can do.
  17. tonygee

    tonygee New Member

    Looking for a vintage hard copy Mumm-ra. Please pm me if you have one or know where one is.
    Thanks Tony
  18. Cheetara76

    Cheetara76 New Member

    Looking for a 1st shot Cheetara or any character hard copy. Also would like a mint/near mint loose companion Wilykit and a boxed complete Thundertank. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  19. vintage_cat

    vintage_cat New Member

    I am looking for the following vintage Thundercats figures:

    Grune the Destroyer

    I am looking for them in near mint to mint condition loose and complete with vintage original accessories.
  20. Captain Shiner

    Captain Shiner Crabman

    Wouldn't mind some of the UK comics from 1987 and 1988, for reasonably cheap prices.

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