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  1. William Graves

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    This may sound crazy but how can you tell if a cel is authentic or not? Can these be faked? Im looking into some but priced for around 35 bucks. How to properly store or display them. They're not thundercats but just wanted an opinion
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  2. Booshman

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    I'm sure a cel could be faked. There are sellers on ebay who do replica cels, but they are always listed as replicas. To make sure you don't get a fake you're going to have to just make sure the seller is reliable by feedback or reputation. All my cels have been from private sellers with large collections or ebay stores who are well established.

    Most of mine are being stored in the packaging they were sent in when I bought them. I check them every now and again to make sure they're OK. They need to be mounted with divides between the cel/ cels, and the background. There are websites that have guides about what type of card stock is safe. I want to get mine done with uv resistant glass for extra protection, but finding someone locally isn't easy for me. Being in China there are a lot of jack of all trades, but it's hard to find people who are actually really good at something and will do a great job.
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  3. William Graves

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    Yea I hear ya. This seller has like 10 or more filmation Ghostbusters cels 30-35 a piece and rven have close up on filmation lou... Stamp on each one. I want all of them but doubt I will be ableto before some may get bought lol.

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