Rewatching Old Classic Kids Shows 1B: Transformers - Heavy Metal War-The Master Builder-Make T

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    He was also responsible for another of my favourite theme tunes, Pole Position. Again, the show was hit and miss (and probably more miss than hit), but the theme tune was great. That show had a lot of nods to classic movies, most of the episode titles are plays on words of Hitcchock classics (remembering to type that in deliberately wrongly so that the profanity filter doesn't bleep out the last part!), and can make for interesting viewing, but it's a little iffy. I can see why it only lasted 13 episodes.
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    Levy and Saban wrote amazing themes.
    My favourites they did were He-Man, M.A.S.K., Inspector Gadget, Heatcliff and Mysterious Cities of Gold.
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    I'll add Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, Mr. T, Real Ghostbusters and She-Ra to that list. :)
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    If they do a new Thundercats cartoon or movie they should get Levy to write the theme tune.

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