Selling Individual Pieces of Large Thundercats Lot

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    I recently decided to sell my entire Thundercat Collection. I've had most of this stuff for 18-20 years, and I haven't looked at it in the last 10 years. It's been fun, but I'm moving a lot and it's time for me to let this stuff go. Please give my treasured Thundercats a good home. =)

    These items are typically in very good - near mint condition. All of these I played with when I was a kid, but I was obsessive complusive and kept most of the good vehicle boxes and kept the toys in generally good condition.

    I would prefer to sell these to collectors, and I hate lot selling. I would like people to have the chance to individually purchase items. I haven't decided how I'm going to sell all of these yet. If you would like, we can go through a 3rd party service such as Ebay/Paypal, and I can give you the auction link with a "Buy It Now" Price. Shipping on all actions figures will be $5.99. Shipping per additional action figure will only be $1 more /action figure. Shipping will be 2nd day service with delivery confirmation. Larger items will be more for shipping.

    Most of my bigger items are currently up on Ebay. I will be putting the bigger items such as the Cats Lair up on Ebay in a few weeks.

    For individual good-near mint condition action figures, I will accept offers which are on par for what this guide has listed. For less then good-near mint action figures, I'll accept offers of 1/2 of whatever the list price is.

    I am also going to be adding collection pictures to this site within the next day.

    All items are complete and in working condition unless otherwise noted. None of these are MOC.

    The items I have include:


    Cat's Lair ( Full Complete, Great Condition with Ion Beam Cannon, Mutant Vehicle, Box, Manual, and all Ladders/Doors Included).

    Mummra's Tomb (Box, Manual, Complete, Near Mint). (up on ebay at the moment)

    Thundertank (up on ebay at the moment)
    Fist Pounder (up on ebay at the moment)
    Nose Diver (up on ebay at the moment)
    Sky Cutter
    Orange Laser Saber (MOC)


    Tuska Warrior




    Rambam ( no longer in working condition, string is broken )
    Topspinner x2
    Hammerhand ( wires on mechanical arm are broken )

    Currently Up on Ebay:


    Fist Pounder

    Nose Diver

    Mummra's Tomb
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