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    I just wanted to say thanks for adding me to the forum.
    I have liked ThunderCats since I was a little kid, as well as most of the other cartoons from those days. For the past 3 months at least I have been trying to bang out a nice viewing order for the show since the DVD sets are out of order. I was hoping to post my playlist in the continuity thread and see if there are any glaring mistakes.
    I didnt have too much merchandise when I was a kid, and its all gone now, but I used to have Jackalman, The Fist Pounder, a Tuska, The Panini sticker book, and a book that had the Mandora Pirates story. And the comic book issue 4 I think with Mumm-Ra as a giant on the cover.
    After that the show would be played on Cartoon Network when I was in high school, then the Hot Topic dvds etc.
    So, I just wanted to say hi and thanks again, I'll post my episode playlist and any input would be great!
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    Welcome to the forum, CrenBone. :)

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