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    Here's a treat for fans of Jim Henson's fantasy classic, it's a TV prequel series for Netflix which tells the history of Thra.

    I'm a fan of the original for 33 years since i was 4 as it's one of my favorites and this new prequel TV series looks like there is heart/passion/effort put into this series and be respectful to the first film and i like the graphic novels and all that too and i have the film on blu-ray, UltraHD BD and DVD and poster with comics, t-shirts, poster, action figure of Skeksil and more.

    It looks like it's taking notes from Blade Runner 2049, in being a passion project to respect a film or franchise.
    What’s most compelling about that netflix trailer, though, is the stunning fidelity to the original film, which suggests the project’s authors — including film director Louis Leterrier, PBS producers Lisa Henson (Jim Henson’s daughter) and Halle Stanford, and creators Jeffrey Addiss and Will Matthews — have a deep respect for the original source material and aren’t just out for a quick nostalgia cash-grab.

    I love the use of balance between practical and new effects combined plus passion, love and care for the original looks like a labor of love and a passion project with the right balance of effects, heart, soul, budget and all that just like Blade Runner 2049 of being true and respectful to the source material instead of being some crappy halfassed soulless moneygrab insult to a franchise for the sake of a quick buck just to hurt on the legacy like Critters A New Cringe, the sequels after Aliens (which was the last Alien film worth a damn), Terminator after T2 (T2 was the end of the story), The Predaturd 2018, Assbusters 2016, Star Wars The Last Straw, Robocop 3/the tv show and miniseries/Robocrap remake, Elm Street remake and all that.
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    The Dark Crystal series looks excellent. The movie is fantastic and this series looks to be made to really honour and expand on the movie rather than just cash in like so many other franchises.
  3. KorbenDallas

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    My favorite show of the year!

    I love the world building, different gelfling tribes, the origin of how Skektek got his eyes removed and all that. Maybe in season 2 we'll get a flashback of how the Urseks came and split into the two different races. And i hear there will be more mystics in season 2 and maybe in season 2 they can get Ron Perlman, Kevin Conroy, Jim Cummings, Frank Welker, Keith David, Brad Douriff, and Rob Paulsen. Charlie Adler can be Skekung the Garthim master.

    This is using practical effects, animatronics, people in suits, puppets, cgi, models and all balanced together and is a passion project made by people who have an actual love of the original and honoring Henson's legacy and respecting the material just like Blade Runner 2049 was to Blade Runner as that was an excellent sequel. It's succeeds like that movie where other attempts at bringing a retro film property back like Ghostbusters, Elm Street etc. failed.

    This looks like it's doing Jim proud! and nice cast too even Mark Hamil as the scientist. I'm glad the show is a blockbuster on netflix and the Jim Henson company is gonna do season 2. Quality storytelling and good writing and characterization makes this a solid series.

    It's Star Wars, Frank Herbert's Dune, Heavy Metal, Game of Thrones, Avatar (both Airbender series and James Cameron), Demolition Man, Robert E Howard, Harry Potter and Tolkein rolled into one unique series.

    A winner.
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  4. Mark M

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    Finished the series a few days ago. What a wonderful series. Everything about it was great. Jim Henson would be proud of how the series honoured his film.
  5. tone

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    I loved it, they did an incredible job. From the technical craft, to the faithfulness, intelligence, and depth of the lore, to the sharp pacing.
    I need a second season!

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