The government of Third Earth’s Animals

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    Just because it seems like a really nice topic to discuss; exactly what type of different governments do you think exist amongst Third Earth’s Animal populations?

    I mean it has already been established that the Cats live underneath an absolute monarchy (or at least I assume that it is an absolute monarchy), but, what about the other animal species that can be found all across Third Earth? They can’t all live under monarchs can they? What do the Lizards have as a government, or the Dogs or the Monkeys or the Birds?

    What has the reboot of Thundercats given us to work with already during its first initial season?
  2. Tygra_Rules

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    Good question. I think the show gave us too little into those populations to see it clearly.

    Dogs, Rats and Birds definitely weren't monarchies. Maybe dictatorships? Dogs look like a military one. Elephants I think were the closest to a democracy.
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  3. The Drifter

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    Unfortunately, this wasn't explored too much in the underrated 2011 Thundercats series due to the fact that there were only 26 episodes - all of which focused on Lion-O & company's adventures. If the series had continued, they may have explored this area in more detail.
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  4. Tygra_Rules

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    I'm not sure if they would have got too deep in politics and government systems, but is't a possibility.

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