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    Just like the title says; in this thread, we try to list the pros and cons of each main character within the reboot, since it was somewhat more "realistic" in terms of its characters than the OS was with its cast (at least that's what i've come to believe). But, please, let's at least try to keep this conversation civil, there's no need to start an online war in regards to personal feelings regarding each main character. If you disagree with another's thoughts regarding what their pros and cons are; please just reply why you think so in a civil way. And if their can be no middle ground in such an argument, please, let's just agree to disagree. Like i said, i'd really prefer it if we kept this conversation civil.

    As for what I'm essentially talking about, I'm referring to something like this:

    King Claudus:
    1. Takes his role as King very seriously
    2. A strong warrior
    3. A good leader at his core
    4. A loving and supportive husband

    1. Clings too much to old Thunderian dogma
    2. Not as open-minded as he probably should be
    3. Practices favoritism in his parenting style far too much and doesn't appear to care about what repercussions it might have on his two sons

    Also, keep in mind that this also includes the villains of this show as well, it will be nice to read about what their pros and cons are too.
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