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    Due to emigration plans, I've started selling my Thundercats collection. It hurts somewhat, but has to be done.
    I'm offering them through Ebay:

    You can contact me via PM if you're interested in one of my items. When selling outside of Ebay, I can give a little more discount. Once agreed upon a price, I will create an invoice via Paypal and once the payment is received the item will be send.

    Feel free to ask any questions

    Items I possess:
    Carded or Boxed
    - Cats' Lair SOLD
    - The Driller (AFA 80) SOLD
    - Lion-o Childbro Green Olive Torso SOLD
    - Mumm-ra Black Dagger SOLD
    - Thunderwings, unopened (UKG 80) SOLD
    - Slithe (AFA 80) SOLD
    - Panthro SOLD
    - Mumm-ra Mailer (AFA U90)
    - Jaga (UKG 75) SOLD
    - Top Spinner (AFA 80) SOLD
    - Ram Bam (AFA 80) SOLD
    - Lion-o (UKG 80) SOLD
    - Cheetara (AFA 85) SOLD
    - Capt. Shiner (AFA 85)
    - The Stinger (AFA 75) SOLD
    - Pumyra SOLD

    No card or box:
    - Panthro unpainted chest production error (UKG 80) SOLD
    - Ben Gali with Hammer

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    Sucks to hear but good luck with everything!
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  4. MrBlue

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    Here are some Thundercats that I'm offering (ex. shipping costs):

    Thundercats Panthro MOC $299
    Thundercats - The Driller AFA 80 (C80-B80-F85) Rampagers $549
    Thundercats Mumm-ra Black Dagger $299
    Thundercats S-S-Slithe AFA 80 (C75 B80 F85) $359
    Thundercats Ram-Bam AFA 80 (C80 B85 F90) $349
    Thundercats Top-Spinner AFA 80 (C80 B85 F90) $349
    Thundercats Captain Shiner AFA 85 (C85 B85 F85) $379
    Thundercats Thunderwings sealed/unopened (UKG 80) $339
    Thundercats Cheetara AFA 85 (C80 B85 F85) Childbro unpunched $399
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