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  1. pauly

    pauly Vortex Explorer

    Selling my whole collection!!!! and you guys get first dibs! :liono
    Graded ones...
    Mumm-ra 8 back battery offer, 80%!!!!! £500 ono. SOLD
    Jaga, 85%. £260 ( Highest grade Jaga I have seen)
    Lion-o, (8 back orange hair) 50%. £120 SOLD!!
    Korean Mini Lion-o, 70%. £50 (never seen these anywhere!) Very Rare
    Tygra(young with Wilykat) 8 back, un-punched. 80%. £260 Very Rare
    Tgyra, (Grand Toys release) un-punched 75%, £180
    Tygra, Loose complete with black handled whip and wilykat, 75. £45
    Korean mini Tygra, 70%. £50 Very Rare
    Panthro, Grand Toys Release) un-punched. 80%. £210 SOLD!!
    Cheetara, (Grand Toys release) 75%. £160
    Lynxo, 80%. £210 (Pretty rare!)
    Mumm-ra (8 back) 80%. £280 (mega rare!!) SOLD!!
    Mail away Mumm-ra, U85%. £40
    Mumm-ra loose complete with black dagger and ravage, 75%. £50
    Grune,80%. £200
    Slythe, Brown spot, 75%. £160 ( hard to find )
    Jackalman ( 8 back) 80%. £180
    Korean Mini Hachiman, 65%. £45. Very Rare!
    COSMOCATS!! Tuska Warrior ---- At the Graders---- Expecting an 80+% grade!!

    Un graded...
    Wilykat Moc, in protective 'grading' case. Playful/New Rainbow symbol card. £110 Very rare on this card
    Snowman Moc in protective 'grading' case. Childbro card, German OTTO SIMON. £90 very very rare!!
    Evil Lion-o, Custom Moc ( re-sealed ) £90 ( amazing custom! )----- (on e-bay)
    Korean Mini Cheetara, £20 ( very rare! )
    Mini Lion-o, Acamas Toya card. £15
    Mini weapons pack, Moc. £10
    Mini Rataro, Moc. £10
    Moc Sword of Omens. £240 ONO
    Sealed in box Thunderwings. £70
    Mint in box Lunar Lasher. £40
    Mint in 'worn' box stilt runner. £45

    I also have a loose set, not complete, which includes a Bengali with prototype Hammer VERY RARE!!,
    4 different variations of Tygra, unpainted legs and collar Grune, SOLD!! and the mutant fist pounder.
    Missing Lynxo, Stinger, Driller, Pumyra and Safari Jo.
    If I have forgotten any I will add them at a later time.

    Please just message me if you want pic's, make offers or any other interest.
    All prices are negotiable, but postage prices are NOT included.
    Preferred method of payment will be a bank transfer.

    Many thanks.

    Plus if anyone is interested in Graded original MOTU fig's I have a few of them too. :thumbsup: all on hold
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  2. Lordore

    Lordore Moderator

    Hy man, you have some very rare and marvelous pieces there!! How come and you want to get rid of your whole collection?, have you thought about it well?

    I recently sold one of my MOC Lion-O but he was a third tier!!I had the same version twice and i wanted to make a few money to buy the New Cats.i won't ever sell any other.I'd rather put up my TV than the MOCs!!

    Could you please tell me if you orange hair has the Battery offer and the sub grades?

    Have you got a loose Driller?
  3. pauly

    pauly Vortex Explorer

    Yeah thought about it loooong and hard!!
    I want to move to the States and this money will help me a lot!
    The Lion-o sub grades are C50% B50% F70%. No battery offer, I just wanted it Because it was a Lion-o.
    Sorry but no Driller. :(
  4. Alexl_82

    Alexl_82 New Member

    Hi pauly, only just joined the site but have been browsing it for a while now. Im interested in your 8 back Liono, Ive been after one for a while. Is it possible to see a couple of pics of the front and back please as ive never seen a graded 50 before and im not to sure how one looks. My email is I live in bedfordshire. Many thanks, Alex.
  5. Evil_Henchman

    Evil_Henchman Junior Member

    Any chance of getting pics of the korean mini's?
  6. pauly

    pauly Vortex Explorer

    Sure thing. whats your email?
  7. do you still have lynxo?
  8. Evil_Henchman

    Evil_Henchman Junior Member

    I sent a pm regarding some pieces but still have not received pics.
  9. pauly

    pauly Vortex Explorer

    New figures.
    8 back battery offer Mumm-ra (80%) Sold!! and 8 back Young Tygra (80%) :liono

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  10. pauly

    pauly Vortex Explorer

    New items added and a small sale on others.
    Take a look.
  11. Alexl_82

    Alexl_82 New Member

    Hi Pauly, im very happy with the two figures I have bought from you recently. They are both top notch, were packaged very very well and arrived sooner than expected! So thank you!! Hope to buy some more soon. Alex
  12. pauly

    pauly Vortex Explorer

    Thank you very much Alex!

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