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Discussion in 'Other Cartoons & Collectables' started by matt, May 10, 2006.

  1. matt

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    Well Im on my way on this line. I had a loose T-ray but that was it. I have been wanting to start collecting these for a while. My main reason is the challenge of it. These are by far one of the rarest and hardest set of figures to find from the 80's ( I might say the rarest), They also have the battle action LJN is famous for, they look cool, and the show from what Ive seen was interesting. So on to my reason for the post. I am now 1/8th of the way done with my MOC set. I just picked up Mako this morning for a great deal. He was $99 BIN. This is an incredible deal for these as they usually go for $150+. All I am doing is waiting for him. Lets hope it doesnt turn out like the disaster Im having with the Bengai MOC I won a few weeks ago (have a feeling Im going to have to get my money back from Paypal). Well heres the link if any one wants to see him. I cant wait for him to arrive, once he does Im shipping him off to get graded.
  2. MannysCollectibles

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    PM sent matt concerning your transaction for the Tigershark
  3. Jaga

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    I believe I sold that to him MONTHS ago (won it on auction from me). Watch out dealing with him and if your deal goes south I have his real name and address............ Also watch out for the other seller who has up the AFA Tigersharks on eBay also....

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