Toy and Comic Show in Delaware October 4, 2009 American Carded Jaga Raffle prize!

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    ZoloWorld will be having a Toy and Comic Extravaganza on October 4, 2009 at the Holiday Inn Select, 630 Naamans Rd., Claymont, De. This hotel is about 20 minutes south of the Philadelphia international airport.

    Anyone that collects 70's and 80's toys, you really do not want to miss the event! If you are interested and traveling a long distance, we still have room blocks available at the hotel; just ask for the ZoloWorld rate of $99.00. This hotel is usually twice that amount.

    We will be giving out 200 clamshell cases to the first 200 entrants entering the show on October 4. We will also be having many raffle prizes. Some to mention is a 1960's vintage G.I. Joe Astronaut w/ box, American Carded Jaga, EMCE Star Trek Aliens, MOTUC figures and more!

    Vendor tables are still available, but are extremely limited so if you are interested in selling at the event on October 4, check out the website at
    We will be also giving away 2 vendor tables during the event

    For more information (pricing and times) about the toy and comic show please visit

    Thanks for looking and hope to see you there!
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    More and more goodies are being added to this show. Be sure to check out the website for more details


    !! American Carded Jaga!
    ZoloWorld's October 4, 2009 Toy and Comic Show
    Holiday Inn Select, 630 Naamans Rd., Claymont, Delaware.
    We have just added some new show raffle prizes on the site including a MOC U.S. Jaga and MOTUC Hordak MOC w/ zolocase as well as Mer-Man MOTUC w/ Case
    Interested in being a vendor at the show? Tables are $35.00 each / 3-$100.00, 6 foot tables.
    Tables can be purchased directly on the site through PayPal, Check / MO or you can contact me for other payment options.
    There is a great deal of advertising already on the show as well as word-of-mouth. Check us out in Lee's Toy Review!
    This event will feature awesome toy prizes every 30 minutes (check out the website for more details.)
    We will be giving away 200 of our exclusive protective clamshell action figure cases as door prizes. Valued at $4.99 each alone.
    In addition, 2 lucky vendors will be selling for less money, as we will be giving away 2 vendor tables during the event. A $70.00 value!

    If you are traveling a long distance and wish to stay in the hotel over night, be sure to ask for the special ZoloWorld Toy and Comic rate at 99.00.
    General Admission is $5.00 (Get 1.00 off the show by subscribing to our newsletter. Its absolutely FREE!), Pre-show Admission is $10.00/ Children under 15 are free!
    Check out the site for special rate VIP passes, which entitles show goers to be at the pre-show for $8.00
    For more information about the event, check out

    If you have any questions about the event, please do not hesitate to E-mail back

    Hope to see you there my freinds.
    ZoloWorld's First Annual Toy and Comic Show October 4, 2009

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    If Delaware was within 500 miles of me I would be there... any chance of your next show being in Louisville, KY? :cool:
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    You never know, we are going to bring shows all over. This show is going to be very unique. I have been a collector since I was 8 and always wanted to see a show like this one. If anyone can make it, you will not be disappointed :)
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    Just under two weeks to go!!
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    One week left! Sunday October 4!

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