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Discussion in 'Mattel ThunderCats Toys' started by Sebastiaan, Feb 14, 2017.

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    Is this a continuation of the Filmation series launched by Mattel. They look awesome! What are the odds of variants or re-releases of Filmation He-man or Skeletor? I wouldn't mind a Prince Adam or He-man figure since I am still bummed out that I totally missed the Filmation subscription window.
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    Yes, it's a continuation of the Mattel Filmation MOTUC series. If demand is there, my guess is we will eventually see some sort of re-release of the Filmation He-Man and Skeletor, but likely not in the same packaging. Maybe a 2-pack or something similar, with some new accessories.
  4. Wilycub

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    WOW! Love that Teela figure! :thumbsup
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  5. Mark M

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    A lot better than that disasterpiece Mattel released.
    They are continuing the Classics Filmation figures and doing some vintage MOTU figures in the Filmation style as well as the retro Kenner style figures.
    It was a good thing you missed the Mattel Filmation figures as a lot of them had QC problems. If Super 7 reissue them they can fix the various problems the figures had and most importantly give He-Man a cartoon accurate sword and sheath that actually fits sword and fix those awful boots and ankles.
  6. Cheetoro

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    Sad that we still have to wait months for any news, but they still sound positive about it at least. Here's hoping we can complete our collections before we die.
  7. Sebastiaan

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    Ok, so it was as expected, but a bit better than I expected. We were given a date! That's the first time since talk of S7 acquiring the licence began last year July. I'm thrilled to finally have a date to look forward to, and that they still insist things are close to being finalized. Here you go S7, take my money and make me some TC!
    I especially love Teela's look (despite many other complaining about her face). What I like the most is her body, which I think will make a good buck for Cheetara. Maybe they invested in some new sculpts. Even Hawke looks good for a Cheetara double.
  8. Mark M

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    The reason people complained about the Filmation Teela last year was because it looked nothing like the prototype. The mould got messed up at the factory. That Teela looks great as do the other Filmation figures...hopefully the factory can produce them to look like the prototypes unlike the Filamtion figures from last year.
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    I am really impressed with level and the depth of scope that S7 has taken with Masters line's. If they get the Thundercats license I can't wait to see what they do with it outside of continuing the Matty line.
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  10. Cheetoro

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    I am hoping for ReAction figures as well. I would think they would be a no-brainer considering how well lesser brands have done in that line. I like the idea of something cheap that I can find in stores, and you know they will go with the vintage card look! :)
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  11. adssse

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    I know there are mixed feelings on the ReAction figures but I would like to see them as well. As you said, a lower cost alternative would be nice. I would almost certainly buy multiples so the kids can have ones to play with as well. Plus, the smaller form factor allows the reuse of several other lines vehicles and accessories when playing.
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  12. ninja cat

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    No thank you. never liked the reaction line. When they come out, my money is going to The Loyal Subjects.
  13. Sebastiaan

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    LOL - I don't mind the ankles, they're not fab, but they're ok. Much prefer the current ones on the TC's. Odd that you mention the sword and sheath - mine fits perfectly.
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  14. Sebastiaan

    Sebastiaan Moderator Staff

    I guess that when they get the license that they will also invest in the reaction line, and maybe their muscle line too. What I would be thrilled for is if they would continue the vintage line just like they did with MOTU now. I mean, wouldn't you also be happy to have a proper Red Eye? They could even get Wilycub to design the rest of the figures that didn't have releases like he did a year or 2 ago. That would be fabulous.
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  15. Wilycub

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    Thank you for the kind words. I'm flattered! :) I certainly wouldn't mind being involved in such an endeavor. I'd be thrilled to be involved in any official ThunderCats undertaking, no matter how small my input may be. :biggrin
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  16. Mark M

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    Yes the Thundercats ankles are better.
    No ones He-Man sheath fits the sword correctly. It is too short and does not cover enough of the sword as it should.
    upload_2017-2-22_11-45-25.png upload_2017-2-22_11-45-36.png

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  17. Mark M

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    I agree and I would love some cartoon accurate reissues of the LJN figures like Super 7 are doing with the vintage MOTU figures. The He-Man and Skeletor look great. I hope that He-man has a good sheath. ;)
    Some ReAction figures would be really cool. Personally I would prefer ReAction figures to the Loyal Subjects figures.
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  18. balgus82

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    Just saying, percentages mean less than hard numbers. If you have a million people do the poll and only 25% say yes, that's still 250k saying yes. As for this poll, less than 3k people have voted. Even if everyone voted yes, that's hardly all the people that would buy the line. And this isn't even a Super7 or Mattel website, so why would anyone think the majority of people looking for toy news would be interested in ThunderCats?
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  19. Sebastiaan

    Sebastiaan Moderator Staff

    Just shows you what I remember from the cartoon!! I never realized it was meant to go in deeper than that. It doesn't bug me too much though. Still makes for a great figure
  20. Sebastiaan

    Sebastiaan Moderator Staff

    I never thought about it like that. You're right Balgus82! With only 3000 people voting, I guess if everyone voted here on this site it would make a bit of a difference. So let's put up a poll of our own.

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