Trade my T-cats for your T-cats or Motu.

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    pauly Vortex Explorer

    Just got my figures back from the Graders.
    My LJN 14 back Jaga got an 85%, sub-c80,b85,f85.
    LJN Grand toys, French/Canadian, unpunched Tygra got a %75, sub-c70,b85,f80, was expecting more.
    LJN 14 back Lynx-o got an 80%, sub-c80,b80,f85.
    Toy options 22 back Brown spotted Slythe got a 75%, sub-c70,b88,f90,
    And my LJN Grand Toys, French/Canadian, 14 back unpunched Panthro got an 80%, sub-c80,b85,f80.
    Good bunch of Grades if you ask me.
    This adds to my Mumm-ra 8 back unpunched 80%, sub-c80,bY80,f80.
    LJN Tygra with Wilykat, 14back, AFA 70EX+, sub-c70,b75,f85.
    LJN, Rainbow toys, Cheetara, 14 back, 75%, sub-c75,b85,f80.
    my mini Korean Liono, 70%, sub-c70,b75,f80.
    my mini Korean Tygra, 70%, sub-c70,b80,f80.
    and finally my mail away mumm-ra at 85%, sub-f85,p80. p = paint.

    Any one interested in a good trade let me know. I do enjoy a good trade.

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