Trading my MIB Tongue-A-Saurus

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  1. I am looking to trade my MIB Tongue-A-Saurus for one of the following:

    1. MOC Rainbow 8 Back Lion-O
    2. MOC LJN Single 8 Back Cheetara
    3. Pre-Production items (depending on items)

    Figures must be able to be graded at least AFA75-80

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    MADBUBBLER Vortex Explorer

    Wow man, that's a beauty !!! I would never trade or sell it :thumbsup:
  3. Thats why the trade list is so small! i definitely don't want to just dump it, but for the rite item, i would trade
  4. Bump for trade prior to going to AFA:cool:
  5. Seriously!?!?!

    No one wants to trade for this :confused:
  6. ninja cat

    ninja cat Staff Web Guru Staff

    Interested in "Our Army art War" Comic Book collection (probably have about 20, including #83 featuring 1st appearance of Sgt. Rock.


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