Why I am not collecting the Thundercats Classics.

Discussion in 'Mattel ThunderCats Toys' started by Mark M, Feb 4, 2016.

  1. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I have been wanting Thundercats Classics figures now for many years. When the figures were announced at SDCC I was so excited.
    But at that time of the announcement I had stopped collecting figures for a couple years. As such I have decided I do not want to collect these figures for multiple reasons.
    Regardless of the fan base, I am not a fan of Mattel's toys quality or their business practices.
    Another big factor is the use of the MOTU Classics buck body. While it was some what good in 2008, the buck has aged and regardless of the sculpts, it really lacks much needed articulation. And I do not think the body is overly suitable for the Thundercats characters. One of the best things about the vintage LJN compared to Mattel's vintage MOTU toys was the unique individual sculpt for each character. Forcing Thundercats on to a body designed for MOTU characters just doesn't suit in my opinion.
    Nor am I a fan of the monthly subscription method. I really do not understand why they do not have faith in their products to just release a full was in shops or on their web site.
    The monthly subscription method is also very off putting as I do not want to have to invest in a line for 3-5 years just to get the characters I loved growing up.
    Also much like some friends experienced with the MOTUC subscription I really do not want being lumbered with multiple unwanted characters.
    Most importantly above all else I just really want to focus on my career as an artist instead of collecting more toys.
    I will say though IF the main season 1 cast are released between Sep 2016 and Dec 2017 I will probably cherry pick them from EBay etc.
    I do hope the line is successful and they turn out great and all those that collect them enjoy them. :D
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  2. Wilycub

    Wilycub Staff Writer and Artist TC.org Staff

    I agree with you a 100%! :)
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  3. LeoTigris

    LeoTigris Berbill

    I made the decision against the line as well. I participated in one of these before, in 2013 with the Watchmen subscription. There are certainly issues with Mattel product. Height and reused body parts are major ones. Watchmen didn't leave me much choice, it's the only figure option of the comic book versions, but with Thundercats there is a choice. I'm personally firmly behind Mezco. I hope Tygra sells well. I think a Mezco Grune and Jaga would be amazing. And from my talks with Mezco those characters are on their radar.
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  4. Booshman

    Booshman Thunderian Legend

    I hope these come out well, and I've subscribed for the first lot. I agree with your sentiments about the buck. One of my main concerns is the scale, I don't want a load of figs that are the same height. Worst comes to the worst I'll fix them myself with some mods.
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  5. ThunDerianRoyalGuard

    ThunDerianRoyalGuard Site Admin TC.org Staff

    I think the current buck is fine for the characters presented thus far. Even the female buck used for Pumyra looks fantastic. Remember this line is based on the cartoon, not the LJN Toys. In the animated serie, ofcourse characters are different heights, but not so drastic as the toys IE Lion-O vs Tygra.

    A line like this is a huge gamble. It's a nostalgia-driven, adult collector line. There is no new media to back it up. If you [are a kid and] have no idea what ThunderCats is, these figures will mean nothing to you. It's aimed at us, the fans. If these figures were sold at retail, and to appeal to retailers, the price would have to drop considerably. Meaning less (new) tooling, less paint apps and less accessories. Bandai TC's or Nickelodeon Turtles, anyone? The chance that stores would be stuck with half there stock is one they cant take. Thats what killed the MOTU line back in '87. A logical step would be a pre-order type deal, and thats how I see the subscription model. Downsides? Maybe a few..

    ... yes, that's something to consider. I myself have no "Unwanted Characters" and I think ,at least for the first, and hopefully second year, the line will focus on core characters. But it is a valid point.
  6. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Quality control on Mattel products is a real issue. Of the 7 DC Universe figures I own/still own 4 have issues. Mostly warped legs.
  7. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I enjoy doing little customizations to figures etc, but my skill is nowhere near yours. :) I don't mind doing it something that wasn't overly expensive of something not to complicated but I really don't want doing it to £30+ figures.
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  8. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I know what you are saying but the buck is dated by todays standards. They would really need to be using the more articulated one that is seen on the Filmation He-Man.
    I agree the Playmates Turtles Classics didn't do so well, they are great quality toys, but the issue was more with Playmates not releasing more characters soon enough, just keeping making Turtles. Hasbro don't seem to have a problem releasing vintage comic inspired Marvel Legends in mass quantity to retail, but I suppose they have the advantage of on going TV shows (animated and live action), comics and movies to help market them.
    When I say unwanted, I would want basically all the characters LJN made along with Claudis, warrior maidens etc. But I would be really annoyed getting lumbered with one episode appearance uninteresting characters. I really do not think Mattel should be expecting people to subscribe without knowing the full line up.
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  9. Robear

    Robear Junior Member

    Mattel is a greedy monster of a corporation. They continue to sacrifice quality by cutting costs to maximize their profits. I don't agree that a toy company should skimp on the quality of their product in favor of their bottom line. They don't take pride in their product, so it goes without saying as to why they don't have faith in their product. Mattel relies on the addictive personalities of toy collectors to sell their products, which is why they feel they can get away with reductions in quality while ramming sub models down fans throats. Guess what? They do get away with it because collectors, especially completists have an addiction to collect them all. They know with all the reductions in quality, customers will still beg for more because of the addictive nature of toy collecting. The "please, take my money now" gag holds very true with most collectors and Mattel banks on this fact. I don't blame the OP for deciding to pass on the up and coming Thundercats line. I would bet my life that it will have nothing but quality issues when it is released. The new HMATMOTU line already has issues, so all one needs to do is look at Mattel's track record to make an informed decision for purchasing these Thundercats figures.
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    MXTHUNDERCAT Laser Beast

    Just noticed this thread....quite frankly I dont understand why anyone would start a thread with this tittle....this is TC fan website....not a "tell us why ure not a fan" site,.....the toys haven't even come out yet....if you are true fan theres is no way you could pass up on this line.....I dont understand all the criticism.....this line hasn't been around for decades and the last remake both toys and cartoon were a fail....yet MATTEL is taking a risk on it....it makes no sense to make ALL new sculpts on such a risky line...it would drive prices up and alienate buyers...what they are doing is good..it makes sense....
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  11. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Thank you, your post is a good example of why I started this thread LOL.
    What is the definition of a true Thundercats fan? I grew up loving the cartoon and toys and had all the LJN figures until September 2014 but sold them as the plastic was deteriorating. I still have all the DVD's, VHS and some comics. Even a couple T-shirts. Am I a true fan or can one only be a true fan of something if I buy every piece of merchandise? Due to other commitments and interests, regardless of how much I love Thundercats, I just can't put that much of a financial investment in the line. I did say I might cherry pick some of the figures if they are good and did say I hope they are good and the line does well.
    I put this up so other members can see that if they are not comfortable with the figures, prices, Mattel etc that they should not be forced or bullied into buying subscriptions by anyone on here. There was plenty of examples of fans doing that with MOTUC on other sites.
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  12. T-Cat

    T-Cat Mutant

    I agree! We could not have NO toy company making Thundercats toys at all!
    (Fix your faces NOW! ):D

    This isn't a franchise like Star Wars or TMNT, where we can always expect new products or movies to come out daily!

    Most of us will be grateful we're getting a detailed 6" line for a change, compared to nothing at all!:panthro
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  13. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I am so pleased you get and understand what I am saying. :)
  14. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I am happy there are Thundercats figures being made, I just wish they had been made a couple years ago when my interests and commitments were different.
  15. englishw

    englishw Junior Member

    Collecting is personal. My collection looks drastically different than anyone else's. My budget is also different than others here. I wouldn't presume that my collecting decisions are the right decisions for everyone else or even for ThunderCats fans. Am I excited about the new Mattel line? Absolutely. I'm subscribed. But I appreciate hearing from people who have had experiences, good or bad, with these companies and prior toy lines. I take all information with a grain of salt and make the decision that makes sense for me and for my collection. These new figures may rock and I may be super happy with them. Or, they might have QC issues and change drastically after Mattel takes it from 4HM. Mezco may start doing ThunderCats in their One:12 line in a year or two and make me wonder why I ever thought these would be good. Or, these may be the last ThunderCats toys we get for a decade (or longer) and go on to be a wonderful successful line. Nobody knows how it will play out, but there are enough variables and people are different enough, this forum is an excellent place for us to all come together and bring our ideas and thoughts and share. Without name-calling or thinking someone is stupid or not a "real fan" or other nonsense.

    Thanks to the OP for the insight into why one fan isn't subscribing. That information is what this forum is all about. IMHO
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  16. Daremonger

    Daremonger Thunderian Legend

    Indeed. ^_^

    MXTHUNDERCAT Laser Beast

    I dont see your point....it ALL COMES DOWN TO MONEY....thats why its a company making a product to sell....playmates is doing it with their current tmnt line and thats a toy line with so much marketing support and a proven cartoon reboot... MATTEL has to cut costs...the true fans are extremely excited just to get articulated 6inch....no toy line is perfect...I want a TC six inch articulated line...i dont care that much if one peg lion o is showing, or jacklmans arms a little big...its still lion o and jacklman......the they have the 4H sculting..we know how good their work is.....they could be hiring some other scultors and cut costs there....like i said for a franchise that has no current cartoon to support it and with reboot that failed they are taking a big chance...i disagree with the "greedy monster" remark
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  18. ThunDerianRoyalGuard

    ThunDerianRoyalGuard Site Admin TC.org Staff

    I don't think there is anything wrong with hearing other peoples opinions and perspectives on the upcoming line. I consider myself a fan of ThunderCats, but I really had to think long and hard about subscribing. I did subscribe, but it wasn't just because it is ThunderCats. I like the figures revealed so far, I like the Four Horsemen's work on other lines and I believe that the Matty team has every intention of creating a wonderful line of figures. But that's not the whole picture. Commitment, money, QC, possible issues with shipping, Digital River, Credit Cards and so on. All these thing should be considerd before making a decision. Everyone will reach their own conclusion and that is a good thing.
  19. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    I did not say the greedy monster remark, I said Robear gets why I am not keen on the subscription method being forced on us.
    Again with the ' true fans' remark LOL. Like I said I love Thundercats and will still probably cherry pick some of the figures. But I am not a fan of the MOTUC body buck, Mattel's subscription method etc to get anymore than the core characters/toys I like.
    There are various Marvel and DC and numerous Transformers characters I like, but I don't buy the toy just because of the character if I don't like it. Even the new 2012 TMNT cartoon as much as I love it I don't buy the figures as Playmates haven't done a very good job with them in terms of sculpting and articulation. As much as I love Thundercats I would not collect them any differently.
  20. Mark M

    Mark M Thunderian Legend

    Exactly. :liono
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