WTB 8-back cheetara alone USA card offering $1000

Discussion in 'ThunderCats Marketplace' started by Andrew, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. Andrew

    Andrew Active Member

    The title says it all...Again this would be an american LJN 8-back. There would be no "rainbow toys", "grand toys", or "childbro" logos. There would be the first 8 figures on the back-no mummra mail away offer. I am not looking for a set of cheetara and wilykit. This must be cheetara alone. Offer is based on a peice grading at an afa 80. Yellow bubble is not a problem, infact, I would prefer it. Must have no price tag on card/bubble. Offer would scale down for a peice in lesser condition, but I would still be interested.
  2. blackiecats

    blackiecats Legacy Team Member

    I'm starting to wonder if an example of this still exists somewhere :(

    I mean, I've never seen an 8-back Cheetara alone. I don't think Rainbow Toys/Toy Options released Cheetara on a 8-back card anyway. I believe we got Lion-o and Mumm-Ra on 8-back's and then Panthro, Cheetara and Tygra all started on 14-back cards. I could be wrong though. It's hard thinking back to when you were around 5 years old.

    Good luck with this piece. You know if I find it, remember to put in for a bank loan :evil: lol
  3. MannysCollectibles

    MannysCollectibles Legacy Team Member

    I think i agree with Neil in the fact that there may be no examples of an 8 back Cheetara alone in existance...Im starting to even think that out of all the 8 backs Cheetara was definitely the most shortpacked, either that or kids(mostly males of course) opened her up because truthfully back then it was rare to see a female cartoon character. In 2 years I have never seen one and even an 8 back Cheetara with Wilykit is tough to find.Ive only seen 2 on Ebay in 2 years....one I own which was partly opened and I resealed and there is actually one on Ebay right now thats it.Hell Tygra alone on 8 back is probably nearly as hard. The only example i have ever seen and thats including items on Ebay is the one I currently own and that one is in a c-3 to c-4 condition. The back had so much water damage that I had to "repair" it using an 8 back card and carefully gluing it to the back to make it look somewhat decent. Good luck...there will definitely be some serious Ebay bidding if one ever shows up.
  4. matt

    matt Thunderian Legend

    Good luck with this one. If you do manage to find one you have to post pics so we all can see that they exist (and to drool over).
  5. Jaga

    Jaga Moleman

    Well they did exist MOC at one point. I stocked them at the TRU I worked at back in the day. I was assigned that aisle and stocked/straightened it each day I worked. I still have dreams/nightmares of those days...... I have owned one years ago also but sold it in the early 90's and regret it now. If I would have known how rare some of the 8 backs have become I would have held on to them.:( But this is the story for most of us collectors.
  6. Andrew

    Andrew Active Member

    I've been collecting thundercats since 1996 (though I got into carded stuff in 1997), and I have never seen this one. I am hoping there is one out there somewhere for me. At this point I am not opposed to getting one of the foreign releases of cheetara alone, opening it, and sticking the bubble on an 8-back card...just so I have a stand-in for my collection. I have gotten rid of so much, but I want to keep some key pieces and still get my hands on that cheetara.

    I am going to list a bunch of stuff on toysandtoons.com soon. I am going to sell off just about every misc/oddball thundercats item I aquired over the years-coloring books, story books, clothes, games, puzzles, comics, etc... Peter Lerose has basicly taken over the sales side of the site. I am doing the web stuff for it. I am going to be moving again at the end of this month, so I am trying to take less and less stuff with me on subsequent moves. In a few years I'll end up having one suit, a box of clothes, one laptop, and one small box of toys. ;)
  7. MannysCollectibles

    MannysCollectibles Legacy Team Member

    Hey Andrew I'm just wondering of what key pieces you are talking about...care to elaborate :) Take care, good luck in your move.
  8. I recently got outbid on an 8 back tygra on ebay...went for $275 i think i bid 180 or so.
  9. Kriz

    Kriz Junior Member

    That Rainbow Toys Tygra is not an 8-back...rather it's a 14-back (I think) made in the UK. Official 8-backs are made on LJN US cards with all black background. I think the only Tygra you're going to find on 8-back is the 'young' version with and w/out Wilykat.

    By the way -- you might find that Rainbow Toys Tygra up for grabs on Ebay very soon...the buyer's infamous for flipping Thundercats carded figures. I wouldn't be surprised if he set the Buy It Now price at $600.00 :roll:
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  10. blackiecats

    blackiecats Legacy Team Member

    I was watching that Rainbow Toys Tygra as well. Infact it sold for more than I paid for my Rainbow Toys Bengali MOC very recently! :yikes:

    If that is that sellers plan, then he can keep it. If I had that money I'd sooner slap it down on a Thunderwings Lion-o or Luna Lasher Mumm-Ra MOC.
  11. dan07

    dan07 Glass Walker

    Kriz - the Tygra Rob was talking about was actually an 8-back. It was not a rainbow toys brand and it was on an all black background. It was the young version of Tygra. I'm not sure who in their right mind would pay close to $600 for a Rainbow Tygra.

    I still have no idea why that Rainbow Tygra went for over $300. It blows my mind...especially since an AFA 80 Tygra went for $250. Too bad I was 3 minutes too slow. Oh well...
  12. Kriz

    Kriz Junior Member

    Thanks...you're correct. I remember seeing one a month or so ago. The seller also had a MIB Cats Lair that went for ~ $850. That Tygra may of been from one of those auctions. I won a loose maroon Mummra from him or her. I knew for a fact it was the maroon version because the bubble had a place for the missing battery in the picture. When I rec'vd the item, I opened the power ring and inside was the original Energizer battery. I got it for $30.00 - it's a rather tough find. I'm happy I don't have to look for that version anymore.

    Oh...the AFA80 Tygra...I bought that...that was me. Hehe :oops:

    I'm trying to collect all USA cards. I have about 5 carded figures to send away all should be no less than 80. Those cards are Stinger Driller - both foreign, 8-back Cheetara, 8-back Mummra and Rainbow Lion-O...I also have a Lynx-O but unfortunately the figure has some paint smudge issues.

    The buyer who won that Tygra has up for-sale a graded Lion-O for $750.00. :yikes: That's what I'm basing my $600 price on :roll:
  13. matt

    matt Thunderian Legend

    Dang an AFA 80 Tygra wow for 250 where was I on that one. Anyway nice score there Kris. What version is it?
  14. Kriz

    Kriz Junior Member

    It's a USA 14-back w/ Wilykat....I haven't received it yet. I thought that was a good deal, plus I don't have a Tygra on card. I feel comfortable knowing it's an 80.

    Back on the Cheetara alone thread - I have never seen one since I started collecting in April.

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