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    Hello fellow Thundercat fans. This is my first post to the community. I'm very excited to be onboard, and look forward to connecting with you.

    That said, I have had an itch to get a collection of the Thundercats figures started. Over the weekend, I decided to put together a list of items that I could trade or sell in hopes to start up a collection. I'll leave links below for your review. If you find anything you like, and have something to trade, let me know. :) I'm hopeful I can get started on a collection of these figures. Also, if you're a TMNT fan, I have a TON of extra figures and vehicles not pictured I would be happy to trade for Thundercats figures/playsets/vehicles....

    List -o- random stuff for trade/sale:

    Wii and PS3 games:

    Palisades Muppets:

    Vinyl Records and Record Player:

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