The highly anticipated first wave of ThunderCats Ultimates! from Super7 is about to be shipped to collectors worldwide. We’ve spoken with well-known YouTuber and toy reviewer Toy Bro, aka Jared Elswick, about each figure in the line. Yesterday’s post focused on Panthro. Now it’s time for the final figure from Wave 1—Jackalman! Check out Toy Bro’s full video review below, plus the fourth part of our Q&A and some exciting first-look stills. It’s the final day of this first-look series of ThunderCats Ultimates! Wave 1. We’ve been having a blast talking to you about all things ThunderCats. What’s this week been like for you? Busy? Rewarding?

TB: It has been very busy, there’s no other way to put it. It takes a decent amount of time to actually film reviews, as easy as it may seem. So, between work, family (including a wild 3-year-old) and filming reviews, I’ve basically been on autopilot to get these out as best I can. Still, it’s been a great opportunity that I’ve seen a lot of positive response from. Power-Con was originally scheduled for this past weekend. At last year’s Power-Con we got to see these Wave 1 figures “in the flesh”, and now a year later you have them in hand. Is it at all bittersweet?

TB: Only bittersweet in the sense that Power-Con didn’t happen—in person, anyway—this year. Having been there last year for the first time to see those figures and meet the Super7 team, and to finally have them in hand in this particular way, has been pretty wild otherwise. Jackalman is the final figure you get to share with us. What’s your impression of him this time around?

TB: He’s very similar to the Mattel figure. Some small changes here and there as far as deco, but he does come with some nice new Mutant guns, which are a good change-up. Fans noticed that Jackalman’s calves were reversed in the original Mattel version, and in the first photos from Super7 they didn’t appear to be any different. What are your thoughts on the subject?

TB: I don’t know if I’d have noticed it myself initially when the Matty figure came out, and while it’s never truly bothered me, I can see what the issue is. It hasn’t been corrected here either. Side-by-side you can see the calves are oriented the same way here.

New guns! Scale-wise, the Mattel Jackalman towered over the other figures. Is this one corrected and more in line with the others?

TB: He is very much the same figure in that regard, so scale-wise he’s still off, since Jackalman isn’t exactly huge. That said, I can almost see influences from the 2011 show with this figure in some ways (not to mention his name is still Kaynar on the box bio), and that version was quite large. Granted, that doesn’t really apply too much to the original version. Jackalman would be an easy figure to turn into a generic jackal Mutant, if you replaced his left arm and his armor. Would you be interested in figures of generic mutants in the future, similar to the mutants that were seen in some early episodes?

TB: I’d like to see more generic army builder Mutants down the road. I’d prefer a jackal mutant to be different, though. Jackalman’s head sits too high on his neck when the armor/fur piece is off for my taste, personally. But, yeah, some generic mutants would be good to have.

Now listen closely Jackalman to what I have to say… The original ThunderCats toys were mostly a reflection of the characters onscreen, with some odd alternate color schemes, like Mumm-Ra and Grune, or variants like the Playful Jackalman, which had different fur and armor coloring. Do you think that version of Jackalman would make for a good exclusive?

TB: If the line can carry on long enough to get to that point, I’m very much down for variations like that, for sure. It’s the kind of figure that is perfect as an exclusive, since it’s not something you absolutely need. Which of Jackalman’s new accessories do you fancy the most, and will you be using the new or alternate head?

TB: Alt head for sure, and then I’ll likely be using one of the new guns he comes with, though I haven’t gotten so far as to decide specifically what yet. Or I might use the axe, since I have the Matty figure with the club. He’s got a lot of options to toy with, no pun intended.

Kenney vs Kenney! Speaking of that alternate head, it does seem that, with these new heads, Super7 is taking the characters in a more ferocious direction, in keeping with their “wild animal” inspirations. Do you prefer these versions to more cartoon-inspired options?

TB: I really like the way they’re handling the alt heads. Not much of this line truly screams “cartoon” to me in the same way MOTU Club Grayskull does. They have the cartoon designs and colors but, like MOTU Classics, they aren’t exactly “cartoony”. So, I’m liking the more intense alt heads. Would you like to see Super7 move toward a Club Grayskull-style version of these figures, or do you think that Ultimates! are hewing close enough to the cartoon designs to satisfy the average collector?

TB: Yes. 100% yes. I’d love to be able to get to that point. I don’t know if I’d say it’s necessary, but I would love to have some figures that are far more screen-accurate like the Club Grayskull figures are. I want this line to succeed first before we worry about that, though.

Behind you!!!! It’s been wonderful hearing your thoughts on this reborn line. In closing, let’s rewind. How did you react when you heard that Super7 finally got the opportunity to start again with the ThunderCats license? Were you popping champagne?

TB: I was pretty blown away, honestly. I mean, we all thought it was coming, and then it sort of fizzled out, and then things ramped back up again and we finally got that confirmation. It’s nice to see a renewed interest in the property and a chance to get the figures that I was dying to get years ago. I was beyond excited to finally get that confirmation and happy to be a part of showing them off to folks, now that they’re about to finally start shipping out! Thanks again, Jared, for sharing these reviews with us. It was an absolute pleasure. Let’s do it again with the arrival of Wave 2.

There’s no escape now, Jackalman! We’ve already called Mandora to collect you.

Jared “Toy Bro” Elswick is a longtime toy collector and hobbyist. In 2017 he turned his passion for action figures into a YouTube channel in order to have an outlet for expressing his views on the properties he collects. It has since become a huge part of his daily routine to review, discuss and promote action figures on YouTube and across social media.