Before any of the comics, action figures, or other spin-off merchandise, ThunderCats was an internationally-acclaimed animated series, a worldwide hit that cemented the feline superheroes in the minds of many children of the 1980s.

The original ThunderCats cartoon series debuted in 1985, the result of two years’ production work, and became one of the most successful animated series’ of the decade with its mixture of great storytelling, fast-paced and exciting animation, and the pro-social values carefully crafted into each episode.

The series went on to win a whole new generation of fans in the late 1990s when it was broadcast on Cartoon Network, and for years rumours abounded as to whether the series would return.

In 2010, the wait was finally over, when Warner Bros. announced that a new ThunderCats series would begin production, to be launched in 2011.  The series would cater for old fans, whilst presenting the ThunderCats’ adventures in a new, fresh direction for a whole new generation.

Here at ThunderCats Lair’s ever-expanding Animated Series guide, we’re proud to offer our classic series Episode Guide, Encyclopedia, Animation Art section, and many other interesting articles and features.  We look forward to adding info to the 2011 series once it launches as well, so check back often for new updates to both the classic and new series sections!

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