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Evil Guardian of the Mystical Prison!

Assortment Number: 3535

The Astral Moat Monster is the dangerous guardian of the Mystical Prison. With his menacing jaws and powerful legs, he destroys anyone who dares cross the moat. His webbed claws and mighty wings enable him to pursue his victims in the water and in the sky, making escape impossible.Figure has poseable wings, arms and feet.


The Astral Moat Monster was designed by LJN before he was included in the animated episode THE ASTRAL PRISON.


The Astral Moat Monster didnt come with any accessorie, but his two red wings are removeable.ljnastralmoatmonsterwings




The Astral Moat Monster  was packaged in a beautifully illustrated  box, which at one point was going to be released as a window box, showcasing the figure within.









– For some reason the design of the Moat Monster makes the figure  stand a little lopsided. In some cases the figure isnt able to stand properly.

– When buying from online sources, make sure to varify that the wings are intact and original! Because the wings are removable a lot of people have made copies of them to replace lost or broken ones.