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What (Not) To Look For

The vintage ThunderCat line is becoming increasingly populair with toy collectors all over the world, a new collector is born every day.  The secondary market is flooded with figures, vehicles and accessories. With all these items to choose from, there are a few things to keep in mind while looking for your next big buy!



Yes, this is as bad as it sounds. Plastic Rot is the deterioration of the softer plastics that were used for the heads, arms and legs of the ThunderCats figures.  It’s something that for some reason appears more with the  figures from the 1987 release, like Safari Joe and Pumyra, though examples of earlier figures like Panthro or Lion-O suffering this incurable affliction have also popped up. But we have to keep in mind that a lot of figure were kept in production throughout the line. So the reason for Plastic Rot may very well lie in the types of plastic used at the tail-end of the ThunderCats line.



Plastic Rot shows itself as reddish-brown spots in various shapes and sizes on the figure’s arms, legs and head. The regular Mumm-Ra and Lion-O figures have hard plastic heads that are not susceptible to the Rot. These spots are permanent and can only get worse, the problem lies inside the plastic, not ontop of it. Plastic Rot is not like chicken pox, it’s not contagious, your other figures are quite safe. In some cases the plastic will turn sticky, you’ll notice dust sticking to it. Sometimes this “stickyness” can be cleaned, but it can return.

So when buying from an online source be sure to inspect the pictures thoroughly. Some sellers will mistakenly list infected figures as “dirty” or “could use a good clean“, so when in doubt chicken out. Or ask for better pictures.


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This is another good one. There was a point in time when ThunderCats toys were considered just that; toys. Children would actually take these figures and vehicles from there original packaging and roughhouse with it. The horror. Well, these days we know better. But some of the figures and vehicles offerd on the secondary market are these played with “toys”. And besides the overall all-together-ness of the piece and the Plastic Rot mentioned above, a secretly discolored figure can really get your goat.