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Mumm-Ra (with cape)

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MUMM-RA (with cape)


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Evil Mutant


In the 1985 LJN Dealer catalogue the Mumm-Ra action figure was pictured with a black cape, reminiscent of the cape he wore on the cartoon series. When Mumm-Ra was released in 1985 the cape was absent. There are a few possibilities as to why it wasn’t included, with the most obvious being to reduce production cost or because it might hinder play, especially with the figure having the light up eyes feature. Remember LJN purposely removed these for the release of the Luna Lasher Mumm-Ra, Mumm-Ra figure so his features wouldn’t hinder play when connecting him to the Luna Lasher.

Mumm-Ra (with cape) image:

Click the image below to enlarge a picture from the 1985 LJN Dealer Catalogue page containing Mumm-Ra with a black cape.
LJN ThunderCats Prototypes - Mumm-Ra with cape