This image appeared in Super7’s story on social media

In what has been rumored for weeks and discussed online for months, fans received their first tease at the upcoming ThunderCats Ultimates Wave 2 from Super7. The picture appeared as a story on the toy company’s Instagram and Facebook pages, showing figures from Wave 1 alongside the supposed Wave 2 figures.

The figures can be clearly seen from left to right: Pumyra, Tygra, Ma-Mutt, Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living and Grune. To their left are additional figures, including Mumm-Ra’s mummy form, Jackalman, Lion-O and Panthro (behind the light), with the Conan movie figures and Andre the Giant behind them to the far right. The full image includes lighting and camera equipment, suggesting that filming or photographing of the figures was underway. 

Keen fan observations have revealed WilyKat and his spaceboard on the far left between a range of what appear to be accessories and an additional Tygra figure. Both Pumyra and Tygra’s standing figures also sport heads at their feet, which can be assumed to be alternate heads. 

It is not yet clear whether the Ma-Mutt and WilyKat figures will be included with their respective counterparts, Mumm-Ra and Tygra, as they were in the original LJN toyline. 

According to Brian Flynn, the figures will be up for preorder starting Tuesday, January 7th, 2020. All the figures will be available for sale individually, as confirmed in our interview earlier this year. It is expected that the figures will retail for $45 per figure, as in Wave 1, although the unconfirmed inclusion of WilyKat and Ma-Mutt as companions for other figures could affect pricing.

Watch this space as the story develops…

UPDATE: Super7 teased a second image on social media, the first clearer image of Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living.