The highly anticipated and unexpected ThunderCats Ultimates! “Evil Glow” Mumm-Ra exclusive started shipping to collectors from Big Bad Toy Store this past week. We’ve spoken with well-known YouTuber and toy reviewer Toy Bro, aka Jared Elswick, about this new figure from Super7. Check out Toy Bro’s full video review below, plus our Q&A and some exciting stills. Hey Jared! It’s been a while since we talked ThunderCats ULTIMATES! How have you been and what have you been up to since last time we spoke?

TB: What have I been up to…? Work, toddler, toys. Rinse and repeat, haha. Let’s dive right in to our latest “every-time-they-release-ThunderCats-we-have-to-talk-to-you” interview. Super7 surprised us this past November with a Big Bad Toy Store Exclusive. What was your initial thoughts on this?

TB: I don’t necessarily have any special “insight” with Super7, but this was out of left field for sure, though I’m not too surprised that they decided to make it. It seems like something they’d do, just based on what we see with other lines. I’m always down for a glowing variant, though. They seemed to have hit a home run with their SDCC Baxter Stockman (blue) GITD figure last year, so a ThunderCats GITD figure was likely too. Do you think that the expected (blue) GITD Spirit Jaga figure was held back on purpose, seeing as we do not yet have the regular one? And do you consider the Mumm-Ra figure a good move now that you have him in hand?

TB: I don’t know if Jaga was held back because we don’t have the regular one or not. Baxter’s glowing release was in hand for most people before the regular version, granted that was a quick turnaround. I could see Jaga being held back because of that, though, from a customer perspective. I would have preferred to get a glowing Jaga first, though, before Mumm-Ra, since it’s more rooted in the show, but I don’t have an issue with Mumm-Ra coming first. If anything it’s somewhat satiating me in my impatience to get new ‘Cats stuff until Wave 2 hits. You’ve nicknamed this release GLOW-RA! That made me laugh. On the packaging, we can see that he’s actually called Evil Glow Mumm-Ra. There never was a “glowing” Mumm-Ra in the cartoon, and while that gives some collectors pause, this figure seems intended to evoke GITD childhood memories and just be a fun figure to play with and display. What do you think the right balance is for incorporating playful nostalgic elements that may not be true to the source material? Are you all in?

TB:  A lot of folks seem to think of these as just cash grab figures. In that regard, I don’t agree at all, even though there isn’t really a glowing Mumm-Ra to reference here, this makes for an amazing figure, and ultimately that’s what I want. I love GITD figures myself, and Mumm-Ra works really well here just as a goofy variant. It’s not something you have to buy, but if you’re into the look it’s a great pairing. Quality-wise, how does this compare to the regular ULTIMATES! figure? Would you say the GITD material feels different or more fragile than regular plastic? This figure does come with removable hands and the alternate head, so it has to be sturdy enough for swapping those out, right?

TB: I’ve had no issues with him as far as plastic quality. He seems very much like a “normal” figure rather than the gummy quality some glowing figures have. No problems swapping parts, and he’s been really stable for me as far as posing, too. VeeBee from The Fwoosh recently did a comparison shot of the regular and exclusive versions of Mumm-Ra, and apart from the obvious GITD applications, his robes are also different shades of red. Thoughts?

TB: I’m surprised the robes are a different color, but at the same time people complained they were bright red on the initial Ultimates! release. So, this gets us another darker shade, which, while it doesn’t match the Mattel figure either, looks good. So you’ve got options, at the very least. Tell us, is this Mumm-Ra basically your new nightlight? Collectors are already praising the fact that he glows just as bright as Baxter and Toxie.

TB: Super7 nailed it with the glowing aspect here, just like Toxie and Baxter. Mumm-Ra glows incredibly brightly and reacts to black light really well also. All three of them together look great when you’ve got them in the dark. What is your favorite feature or accessory from this release and why?

TB: The vintage staff for sure. It looks great when it glows, and when you hit it with black light the eyes react also. A lot of nostalgia in that accessory, and it looks great with this release. Packaging is one of Super7’s major strengths, and their regular Wave 1 release had many of us raving with excitement. What are your thoughts on this exclusive’s packaging? It is somewhat reminiscent of the original red-colored option they first revealed way back when the line was announced.

TB: I love this packaging. I’m a fan of the style in general, but this release in particular looks fantastic. It’s a foil box with Mumm-Ra’s logo embossed on it which just looks great. It fits in with the regular boxes while still being its own unique thing. The box also glows in some ways, too. Big Bad Toy Store’s release was reasonably priced—$5 more than the standard Wave 1 Mumm-Ra—and they limited the number of figures you could buy at once to two. What do you think? A good move, yeah?

TB: I think they did a great job with this release. It didn’t sell out, likely due to the purchase limit, which is how it should be. No one had issues getting this, it wasn’t tied to a convention, it wasn’t much more expensive than a regular figure. All in all, exactly what I want out of exclusives. Seeing exclusives sell out right away is always disappointing for collectors, especially when so many of them can be snatched up by opportunists (or opportunistic bots!). Super7 has been vocal about scalpers buying up lots of figures, and they’ve tried to put a stop to it by making event exclusives available to order afterward an event, or giving advanced notice when planning a release. What do you think would be the best and most fair way to release exclusives? Any big ideas?

TB: Exclusives are always a crapshoot. Either it goes well or it goes horribly wrong. I think in general Super7 does a pretty solid job with theirs, either on their own site or via BBTS or EE. I’ve never had any issues trying to get anything from them. I think ideally making them available to all in some fashion is great, but at the same time can ruin the “exclusivity” of the item too, so it’s really subjective on a customer-to-customer basis. I like that some things are rare just for the sake of rarity, but I also don’t like missing out either. The test shot of your favorite character, Tygra, was just revealed alongside his fellow Wave 2 figures. Bet you’re getting excited for the Spring release! What did you think of the test shot reveal?

TB: Of course. I’ve wanted Tygra in this line ever since the first announcement Mattel made. We got him in the Bandai 8-inch line, but I’ve been looking forward to seeing him in this style for a very long time. With that said, we’ll be sure to catch up with you again in Spring for another Q&A when these figures see the light of day. You’ll probably review Tygra first, right?

TB: Ha, Tygra will absolutely be first. The best ThunderCat deserves as much.

Jared “Toy Bro” Elswick is a longtime toy collector and hobbyist. In 2017 he turned his passion for action figures into a YouTube channel in order to have an outlet for expressing his views on the properties he collects. It has since become a huge part of his daily routine to review, discuss and promote action figures on YouTube and across social media.