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ThunderCast Episode 1

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ThunderCast episode 1

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Saturday 12th May 2007

Welcome to the first ever episode of ThunderCast! Here you can join Neil, Manny, Kyle and Chris as they introduce themselves and the team and site.

In this first episode we also cover the news over the last year or so as well as the first ever episode of ThunderCats, Exodus!


Introductions – The podcast crew and site team are introduced!

How it all began – Hear the details on how the site came to be!

More about the podcast team – We discuss our favourite episodes and characters.

News round up – Concept Art, UK DVD’s!, Fandom Awards, Cereal Geek/ToyFare.

Exodus – We discuss what we liked and disliked about Exodus, as well as point out some differences between the different edits.


A Note from your episode 1 host, Neil:

“Please be aware that this was our very first attempt at recording a podcast and my first ever attempt at trying to host one! We did (I regret) have some technical issues surrounding this particular recording and we (as a team) weighed up whether to make it public or not. The original idea was to re-record it instead. However we felt that seeing as we covered everything we wanted to and some excellent points were made that we’d share it with other Thundercats fans! So I hope you like it. Please be sure to leave us any email comments (good or bad) as well as any suggestions!”



– Neil (Blackiecats)
– Chris (He-Fan)
– Manny R (Mannyscollectibles)
– Kyle (kzlambert)