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ThunderCats Issue #1 – Cover


ThunderCats comic art - DC/Wildstorm Issue #1 - Cover

Pencilled by: Ed McGuinness
Inked by: Jason Martin


From the collection of: Rich Cirillo
Owner’s website: ComicArtFans Members’ Gallery
Notes of Interest: One of the most exciting pieces we have hosted in any of our gallery sections, this was the cover to both DC/Wildstorm’s ThunderCats Issue #1 and also the trade paperback of the first ThunderCats mini-series! Although not the first cover shown to us by DC/Wildstorm (that accolade belonged to J. Scott Campbell and the cover of ThunderCats #0), nonetheless this image by Ed McGuinness and Jason Martin was used extensively by DC/Wildstorm to publicise their ThunderCats series.