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ThunderCats Season 1 Volume 1
DVD artwork – Panthro

Pencilled by: Mike Royer


From the collection of: MannysCollectibles
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Notes of Interest: This is one of the most unique examples of artwork we have showcased in this gallery – technically this is not comic art, for instead this was used as one of the illustrations on Warner Brothers’ first ThunderCats DVD boxed set! The reason for its inclusion in this gallery is firstly because of historical importance, but also because this piece was drawn by an artist named Mike Royer – Mike has an extensive CV working in the field of illustration (including working on several comic titles, notably as the most prolific inker of the works of the legendary Jack Kirby throughout the 1970s and 1980s), and is perhaps most noted for his work with Disney, where he was responsible for creating the character designs for Disney’s version of Winnie the Pooh! Something interesting to note about this piece is that Panthro’s head is looking straight ahead, whereas in the final version his head was shown looking slightly to the side, thus making this an even more unique production piece!