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Over the course of the past few years, we’ve been very lucky to acquire a number of exciting exclusives for this site, and our team of writers have also explored a number of aspects of the ThunderCats series’ production!  From this page you can access a wide variety of articles and features all exploring the original ThunderCats series as never before!  Enjoy!

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ThunderCats - Broadcast Info

 ThunderCats on Cartoon Network
The ThunderCats returned to US TV screens in the mid-1990s on Cartoon Network – discover the impact that the series had on the network and its programming!

 ThunderCats in the UK
Unquestionably one of the countries where ThunderCats enjoyed its biggest success, this article reveals the unique way in which the episodes were broadcast in the UK, and how fondly remembered it is today!

ThunderCats in Taiwan
A rare insight into the impact that ThunderCats made internationally, as well as providing exciting information about the series’ origins!

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ThunderCats - Promotional Material

Promotional Stills
 Artwork Elements
 Press Adverts
Showcased on these three pages are promotional materials created and circulated by Rankin-Bass at the time of ThunderCats‘ debut, including stills from the show and more!


ThunderCats - About the Series

About the Voice Actors
ThunderCats featured the talents of several gifted voice actors, from a variety of different backgrounds. This comprehensive article tells you more about the voices behind your favourite characters!

About the Writers
Over the course of the series’ 130 episodes, a variety of different writers would pen adventures for our favourite felines. Some of these were already established names in the animation industry, whereas others had worked, or have worked subsequently, on a variety of different projects. This article contains more information about the authors behind the ThunderCats series!

 Mike Germakian, a Father of the ThunderCats – in memorium
Mike Germakian, a pivotal player and visionary artist. Shedding light on the cloudy retelling of how the ThunderCats initially came to be, and the role that Mike played in their creation.

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ThunderCats - Scripts

Episode #031 – The Astral Prison
Episode #072 – Mumm-Ra Lives! Part 2
Episode #089 – Hair of the Dog
Episode #121 – Helpless Laughter
Episode #125 – Shadowmaster
Bringing you closer to the ThunderCats series than ever before, click on any of the links above to read the complete scripts to the respective episodes!

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ThunderCats - Cartoon Guide

The Lost Intro
When the ThunderCats pilot aired, and subsequently when the “movie” version of “Exodus” was released on home video, one of the most memorable things about it was the now famous Lost Intro, a short introductory sequence introducing the audience to the characters and concept, and featuring some unique animation! The Lost Intro was never part of the syndicated version of “Exodus” and as such has never been released on DVD, but you can learn more about it—and watch it—in this article!

“Exodus” – The Deleted Scenes
Many ThunderCats fans have vivid memories of the original ThunderCats pilot, both from when it was broadcast and when it was released on home video. One of the most unique aspects of the pilot was that it featured several scenes deleted from the stand-alone version of the episode “Exodus”. Read about and view them here!

ThunderCats Intro – Frame-by-Frame
One of the most impressive things about the ThunderCats animated series was its exciting opening title sequence, which featured groundbreaking, fast-paced animation…so fast paced that it wasn’t always possible to make out all the fine details to everything that was happening on screen! Here, ThunderCats Lair is proud to showcase each individual frame of animation that makes up the ThunderCats intro!

Vultureman’s Voice!
Most ThunderCats fans remember how Vultureman sounds, but when he made his debut in the series he sounded very different – this article explores the drastic change between Vultureman’s original voice and the one he ended up with!

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ThunderCats - Special Features

Hear the Roar: ThunderCats – Creation & Legacy documentary
A special documentary created by ThunderCats Lair’s newest team member Nick Mills, and featuring info and insight from Larry Kenney, Kimberly Morris, and several ThunderCats fans!

 Commercial Bumpers
This page showcases many of the commercial bumpers, intros and promos created by Cartoon Network when ThunderCats was airing as part of their groundbreaking Toonami block in the 1990s!

ThunderCats Outtakes
A great insight into the fun atmosphere of a ThunderCats recording session, these authentic outtakes show that the ThunderCats’ voice actors didn’t always get it right on a first take! Contains strong language.

Public Service Announcement video
A highly rare clip from the 1980s featuring Lion-O and Snarf warning children of the dangers of alcohol. Featuring all-new animation and voice work from Larry Kenney and Bob McFadden!

Children’s TV on Trial: The 1980’s
During May 2007, a digital TV station in the UK, BBC4, broadcast a series of programmes documenting children’s television in the UK, with each episode focusing on a different decade. ThunderCats was featured as part of the show’s 1980s edition – learn more in this insightful article!

French Encyclopedia
Beautifully illustrated and very rare, every page of the French ThunderCats (a.ka. “CosmoCats”) Encyclopedia is available to view here, exclusively at ThunderCats Lair!

Treasures of Thundera
Brighten up your desktop with our exclusive ThunderCats wallpapers, all featuring illustrations taken straight from our Encyclopedia section!

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